#30 of #365 – Dr Who and Some News

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Went to Olympia with Daughter today, to see the new Dr Who exhibition they have on there. There’s an interactive section, then an exhibition with a lot of Dr Who stuff.

Most of my pictures were crap – too dark, I forgot the flash, and when  I remembered the flash, it whited out everything, and I didn’t adjust my camera as I was having too much fun! But I do think the Cybermen came out well – they are quite freaky, I think – scarier than Daleks, but not by much!

Had a burger at a Gastropub first (the Defectors Weld @ Shepherds Bush) – I have never seen a burger so tall before – it was taller than my wine glass and held together with a stick. I would have taken a picture, but I removed the stick first. Bad mistake – it all fell down!

Daughter received a text during lunch from her friend, D2 (she has the same name as Daughter).  A few months ago D2 entered a competition, and she received the news today that she had won a prize! Yay!

Oh. What’s the prize? A 3k run through Battersea Park in a Sumo suit, to raise money for charity? Wow. Good going, girls! Better start the training soon!

So they have 109 days to panic, and train to run 3k. Husband showed them his Couch Potato to 5K training plan, but they are more inclined to get good fitting shoes (a must) and go to a Zumba class. There could be a problem here…

#29 of 365 – We Are The Champions


Because today we won the Carling Cup.

We have a bad history with this – the last time we were in the final Liverpool beat us on penalties, even though (and I know I am biased here) we played much better. So today I couldn’t even watch with Eldest and Middle. I sat on my laptop, with the radio on, listening instead.

So today we had Arsenal. And we won.


No Penalties, no Extra Time and no Red Cards. Just some exciting, well played football and ONE STONKING GREAT BIG WIN.

Can you tell I am excited – it’s our First Trophy for 40-something years.

Wine is being drunk as I speak.
There is Champagne, but it is Husbands, and he was visiting his dad today, so I can’t just start quaffing it.

I had another pictures for today. Here it is.

The One Egg Wonder: The Pan for Single People. Found at Sainsbury’s  as I had to go and do the shopping – Daughter refused to go to there ever again, after her last experience! I so wanted this cute little pan but in a house of six people, it would have been overwhelmed.  Also, we fight over “Our Favourite (insert item name here)” as it is – I can see everyone in my house wanting this pan.

So Happy Carling Cup Winning Day to Me, and Happy Sunday to everyone else who does not support Birmingham City.

Plus today I discovered a new and wonderful thing in my Start Menu – the Snipping Tool. It snips web pages, So today, when I went to look at Tumbr and got a Site Unavailable message, I just snipped it out. It is so easy.

Husband came home and put the champagne in the freezer. Champagne Time !!!!!

#28 of #365 – The Earth Exhales

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One of the reasons I like walking Heidi early in the morning is this – the earth exhaling. Till I got a dog, I had only seen this phenomenon when I stayed up late, rather than got up early.

I love how Heidi is trying to compete with the exhaling earth by adding her own cloud of vapour.

The quote is from the John Betjeman poem Slough, the final stanza of which reads

Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough
To get it ready for the plough.
The cabbages are coming now;
The earth exhales.

link to full text

I like how the text is on the Slough website!

I heart Betjeman. His poetry is like Kiplings, in that it is best read out loud.

#27 of #365 – Avoiding the Roadworks

Today I decided to avoid the 1/2 mile stretch of road which is being resurfaced. It’s not just the waiting in traffic, though that is long. It is the stupidity of people – those who do not leave road entrances clear for traffic to turn into, so the turnee blocks the traffic going one way, but the blockee can’t move either. Stalemate. And Frustration. And Why the Fuck are You so Bloody Stupid! as well.

So I walked the 0.8 mile to Rayner’s Lane Tube (I checked, and it’s all uphill too!) to catch the train to work today.

Here’s the platform. Most of these people got on the Piccadilly line. I need the Metropolitan to get into Harrow.

So did the girl with the amazing hair.


This one.

Long and Blonde and Beautiful it most certainly is.

But I would go insane with hair that long. It must tickle her bum when she is in the shower, and how long does it take to dry! Thank god I am getting on a bit now, and I don’t have to look beautiful in the morning.

Bonus Photo:

Oh, no, not again! What will Warren do now?

#26 of #365 – Bad Mojo

This is the supermarket that made Daughter cry. With rage. With frustration. With disbelief.

Daughter is lovely. She does the weekly food planning, makes the shopping list, heads off to the supermarket, buys all the stuff, comes home and puts it all away. I could kiss her feet for this – I am crap at meal planning and always ALWAYS overspent at the supermarket. An Impulse Shopper, I am!

So this week Daughter (24) goes to Sainsbury’s with MiddleSon (22). They buy the weekly food shop (£150 worth) and then pick up a bottle of wine for cooking with, and two Pilnser beers for MiddleSon, who became partial to a Pilsner when in Prague.

At the checkout the lady asked for ID. Daughter is used to this – she does look under 21 and some days even younger (I tell her she will appreciate this when she is older lol!). ID is produced and verified.

“I need to see your ID now” she then tells MiddleSon.

The only ID MiddleSon has is his passport, which he does not carry on routine shopping trips.

So, under the auspices of the new Challenge 25 piece of shite intiative, checkout lady refuses to sell them the alcohol. The manager, when he arrives, also refuses to see Daughter the alcohol “because she is with someone whose age cannot be verified”.

There are a few points here.

1) If I was there, me with my 55 year old face, would I have been refused because I was with MiddleSon? No, because it’s not a group of young people.

2) How stupid do they think people are, to buy alcohol for underage drinkers while they are with them?

c) How stupid are Sainsbury’s, to impose a policy like Challenge 25, which is upsetting a large part of the younger demographic, who will grow up not shopping at their stores?

Here’s a link to a post on the Sainsbury’s web site with the view of people falling foul of Challenge 25 (and yes, I forwarded the link to Daughter).

I couldn’t find a link to anything on the Sainsbury’s site explainng how they implement their Challenge 25 Policy – however, here is a link to a post on Asda’s website, saying that to refuse to sell to a customer with ID because they are with a person without ID is discriminatory

Let’s sue ’em Daughter. Emotional distress (MiddleSon says she was making a scene – this is so unlike Daughter, who is usually quite calm outside the house); embarassment; infringment of your civil liberties – I am sure there is a long list we could try for…

And MiddleSon has no problem buying alcohol without ID nearer to home. Look, here’s his bedroom right now…

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#25 of #365 – Rainy Day and Trapped Inside

But Heidi doesn’t mind.

She hates having her picture taken, though. Usually they turn out like this:

She spent most of today in that bed. even when the kids went out for smokes, she didn’t bother. They go in the shed, but that reeks of stale tobacco smoke and beer, so she doesn’t like going in there.

#24 of #365 – It’s Been a Good Day Today

Rilo Kiley – A Man, Me, Then Jim from the album More Adventurous

I have had this song in my head all day.

No, that’s not right. I have been trying to remember this song all day. I had to wait until I got home and could play More Adventurous.

The Need to Know was inspired by this asbojesus post.

It’s my gradual descent Into a life I never meant. It’s the slow fade of love.

Today’s Picture: Not a Lot of Sun Activity Visible from Here…

#23 of #365 – Patronising Much?


I use just as much as I need.  No more, no less.  I certainly don’t need Passive Aggressive Notes first thing in the morning because (sob fucking sob) the landlords have had to do something.


Wipe your arse with this, Warren!


Actually, I met the DynoRod man, when I rushed in, clenching  my butt and needing a wee like RIGHT NOW! He was most apologetic, and I had to rush downstairs to the gents, where I was not at all apologetic to the man I nearly knocked over in my haste.

Never get between a woman who has had four pregnancies, with all the bladder weakening that entails, and her toileting needs!

#22 of #365 – Honey! I Think There’s a Small Animal – oh, never mind…

It’s just your hair. My bad.

But it’s an easy mistake to make. Look.

I got a couple more. Blurry, but honestly – I still wasn’t sure it wouldn’t leap off and bite me!

#21 of #365 – Better Come Early


You don’t know how long those scouts will last before they are all sold out!

I had to go to the supermarket on the way home from work today. I didn’t mind as, unlike the weekend, today was bright and sunny. Still cold, but open coat cold rather than buttoned up tight. I was going to Waitrose, but that bus stop was closed. Who the fuck closes a bus stop? Specially this one – it’s the one for South Harrow Police Station.

Ah. Wait. South Harrow Police only see you by appointment now. So it doesn’t matter about the closed bus stop. (They’re digging up the pavement, so I suppose it’s only right to close the stop!)

And just to prove the romance of Valentine’s Day is not over, here’s the card Husband got me:

He got it from here – all your Basic Card Needs in One Handy Download. He could at least have changed the printer cartridge first…

Experimenting with the SoundCloud player. I love this track. I loved the original, by Beats International, and I love this version. See, triple love cos it’s Valentine’s! Pity Lily is giving up the singing and stuff, she is ace!