#29 of 365 – We Are The Champions


Because today we won the Carling Cup.

We have a bad history with this – the last time we were in the final Liverpool beat us on penalties, even though (and I know I am biased here) we played much better. So today I couldn’t even watch with Eldest and Middle. I sat on my laptop, with the radio on, listening instead.

So today we had Arsenal. And we won.


No Penalties, no Extra Time and no Red Cards. Just some exciting, well played football and ONE STONKING GREAT BIG WIN.

Can you tell I am excited – it’s our First Trophy for 40-something years.

Wine is being drunk as I speak.
There is Champagne, but it is Husbands, and he was visiting his dad today, so I can’t just start quaffing it.

I had another pictures for today. Here it is.

The One Egg Wonder: The Pan for Single People. Found at Sainsbury’s  as I had to go and do the shopping – Daughter refused to go to there ever again, after her last experience! I so wanted this cute little pan but in a house of six people, it would have been overwhelmed.  Also, we fight over “Our Favourite (insert item name here)” as it is – I can see everyone in my house wanting this pan.

So Happy Carling Cup Winning Day to Me, and Happy Sunday to everyone else who does not support Birmingham City.

Plus today I discovered a new and wonderful thing in my Start Menu – the Snipping Tool. It snips web pages, So today, when I went to look at Tumbr and got a Site Unavailable message, I just snipped it out. It is so easy.

Husband came home and put the champagne in the freezer. Champagne Time !!!!!


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2 Responses to #29 of 365 – We Are The Champions

  1. Redscylla says:

    Whee! for winning Important Sporting Contest. (Sorry, I don’t know anything about any sports.) The One Egg pan is cracking me up, mainly because I”m thinking, “But what about the single person who wants 2 eggs at once?”

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