Santa has reached London

so it’s time to go to bed. I want my presents!

Merry Christmas, all my ex vox neighbours and new folk I’ve met. Have a great time!

Christmas Birthdays

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Christmas Birthdays

As someone whose birthday is on 3oth December, this IS my experience of  Christmas/birthday presents. For many years my parents and brother were the only ones who gave me presents for both.

Thankfully, Husband has never done this, even when the present was of a size that could easily have been a dual gift (eg, the year he bought me a brand new computer).

When I was  giving birth to my daughter (born on 29th December, thankfully!) and all the nurses were asking “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new baby for a birthday present?” I just thought no freaking way mate, and pushed harder and harder to get the child OUT! My Aunt had a late baby on her 40th birthday, and never really celebrated her own birthday again.

And, speaking as a 55, nearly 56, year old, I still want my birthdays to count. In fact, they should count more – I have less of them to look forward to!

Let’s Not Bring Yoda Next Year…


Let's Not Bring Yoda Next Year...



Happy New Year to All My Hood!

Happy New Year!

So, what have I been doing with myself over the festive season?  Getting drunk, eating a lot, having a birthday, getting drunk some more, playing Talisman a couple of times, having a drink…

And don’t tell me I drink too much – I do actually know.  Just, you know, when there is an excuse to good to be missed…

Christmas. Woke up about 10.30.  Yes.  No more young children = no more 6am starts.  I do so hate being up before the central heating.

Got some goodies and no baddies – no hideous tops or out of date food for me!

Book tokens.  DVD Player/Recorder.  Book on Whiskey.  Book on General Ignorance.  Bottles of The Single Malt Drink.  A green velour stocking from Santa – even he knows my drinking habits, it seems – it included a dice for deciding what to drink!

Boxing Day went to see Family, as we always do.  SIL is a nurse, so often only manages to get Christmas and Boxing Day as leave.  Hideous journey – I think all of London decided to visit Kent at the same time as we did.

But when we got there, it was worth the drive.  Yummy turkey dinner and much drinking.  At least, I drank and dozed, and kept SIL company in the kitchen while the children either played with the PS2 or watched Husband’s slide delivery (via laptop and projector!) of diving pictures and family snaps.  OK, sounds naff, but was greatly appreciated by the Grandparents and SILs Mother.

Spent the next couple of days vegging out.  One of the side benefits of having your own company in the computer industry is you can decide to close over the holiday period.  So Husband is free of the nasty Work till 3rd Jan.  From 23 Dec.  Not bad.  Also the reason for fewer posts – I rarely get this much time with him, so have to enjoy it while I can!

Then comes Daughter’s 20th.  She is a lovely person who seems to be learning things at University.  Things like Folded Laundry needs Less Ironing.  A pleasure to have at home and I shall miss her quirky sense of humour when she goes back.

Then I turned 52.  Odd saying – I turned 52.  Makes me think of that scene from the Exorcist – the dizzy head and pea soup vomit.  I did not turn.  I woke up and whoa, another year older.

Did very well on the Book Token front this year – £190 to spend on Books.  Nothing but Books.  Yay!  Go me!  Plus the promise of a weekend in Venice.  Which is a place I love.  So looking forward to that.  Plus more of The Single Malt Drink.  I no longer have a liver, I have a pickle valiantly struggling with the job meant for a liver.

Played – no, go on, you guess.  Talisman, you say?  How did you work that out!

New Years Eve – stayed in.  Husband cooked his signature dish – Sugar & Mustard Glazed Gammon with Cloves.  Yumminess indeed.

Yes, played Talisman.  Yes, watched the firework display – it was tipping down with rain when we decided not to make the trek into Central London to see the display and how I wish we had gone.  It looked bloody spectacular.  The London Eye is designed for fireworks, just like Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Amazing display.

Eldest Son made it there, and proclaims the fireworks were good.  Only problem was, he did not think through the Drinking Thing, and they all ran out of beer too soon, and couldn’t get any more.  Ahhh.  How sad.  (giggle!)  Served him right, anyway, as he took Middle Son’s passport for ID purposes (he has lost his own and not yet replaced it).  So it seems poetic justice that he didn’t even have enough to drink.

Then bed and Torchwood watching.

All in all, a good festive season.  I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine, and that you manage to keep any Resolutions you make.