Twilight Drinking Game Rules

Funny Movies Ecard: Twilight Drinking Game Rules: 1. Drink 40 shots when you press play so that you can die before the movie starts.

Sorry. I meant rule.



Still Not As Gay As Twilight… Wait…

engrish funny - Still not as gay as Twilight...wait....

Dunno what Breaking Dawn is about, but surely, Edward does not get Jacob pregnant?

The End of Twilight.

Win! The Best Edward

fashion fail - Yup, wrong Edward

Plus Bonus Drinking Game!

twilight drinking game

Stay sober drunk folks, it’s the best only way to watch Breaking Dawn.

Let Him Go!!!

Please, let him go. Save us!

Get Him, Buffy!

4koma comic strip - Get Him, Buffy

If only that butt was nekkid…

funny celebrity pictures - Context Clues

That butt belongs to Daniel Craig. Mmmmmm. Tasty!

Teams? We’ve Got an Army


4koma comic strip - Teams? We've got an army!

Oh Yeah!

4koma comic strip - Keanu Is the Pro


funny celebrity pictures - Pretty Much Sums It Up