QotD: Your Answers, Please…

I’m a transcriptionist. I sit at home, headphones on, listening to and inputting the spoken word. It can be boring – once I transcribed a whole talk about Food Quality Plastics – but generally it’s intriguing.

Just what do you think I was working on, when I transcribed the following:

And I’ll have to have her, whether she is friendly or hostile or whatever. I don’t know

Just doing a read through, and came across this little gem:

I’m just hitting on them as I see them.


I’m Posting every day in 2011!

Saw this posted as a way to help you blog* and I thought Hey, I could combine that with the Flickr idea of a photo a day! and voila – my version of A Post A Day will be posting one photograph taken by me, every day**, with a commentary. A visual diary.

Hope I manage to keep it up – I failed with the Flickr one, but I didn’t have a decent camera-phone then.

* – If you subcribe, you will get a daily email with a suggested theme – sort of like the QotD! I was going to do that, but somehow, my Voxy memories wouldn’t let me…
** –  not necessarily on the same day – I have lots already taken that I could share.

QotD: Famous Last Words

What will be your famous last words?
Submitted by ngocaroo.

Not Done Yet

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Friday Five – Internet Fever

Did you ever have a domain name?
Domain Name?  Yup, got one of those.  No, I am not telling you what it is!

When did you first start blogging?

September 25th 2006.

What is your favourite website?

Duh – Vox.  Oh, you mean other than Vox!  Sorry, that’s it.  First one of my homepages.  The one I check the most.  The one I use the most.

What is your preferred search engine, yahoo, google, etc?

What – you mean there is something other than google out there?  Whoa.  That’s a bit scary, that is.

Link: your favourite site.
OK.  We all know Vox is my fave site, and you’re here already.  So I will post a link to Tampon Crafts, a site I find very amusing – will that do?  Well, it’s tough if it doesn’t (so yah boo sucks)

And look – I actually posted it on a Friday too!  Still not showing in my neighbourhood posts though, Friday5 – I have complained to Management about this.

QotD: Forward My Mail

In which fictional world/universe/land/city would you most like to live?

I am struggling with this one. I would quite like to go and share with Lorelei in a Sex in the City high living loft.  But I feel too fat and English for that, really.  Not sure the Big Apple is for someone who really prefers different fruit!

There’s a lot of people out there want to live with Harry Potter at Hogwarts.  Mmm.  That’s just odd – well, unless you are 17, in which case it’s fine – but to want to return to being 17… I cannot think of anything more hellish than revisiting adolescence!

Travelling with Dr Who caught my fancy for a moment or two, then I remembered – yes, the assistants always survive, but they always end up living back on Earth, unable to explain to people how they have touched the sky and ridden the wind.

Narnia, an old childhood favourite?  Well, there’s the thing.  Childhood.  Now I want running water, electricity and access to the internet on a fairly regular basis.

Got it.  John Varley’s world.  If you haven’t read any of his Eight World novels, do.

Earth has been cleansed by monster aliens who live in the gas giants, but hell, it deserved it, and we are now living among the stars, a long-held dream of mine.  Humans can be either gender, at will; murder is not permanent; everyone has a high standard of living; and, if you are not a hero or protagonist, you will have a long and easy life, full of satisfaction and adventure.

No one is fat, old, poor (unless they want to be): a meritocratic utopian vision where things happen.  Damn me.

See you there

Vox Hunt: This Goes Out To All The Lovers

Share a Great Love Song

Define Love.
Define Great.
I think we’re alright on defining Song

Finding Love

Keeping Love

Losing Love

A Late Entry to Dangerously Cute

QotD: Well, I’d Never!

What did you think you would never ever do… but did?
Submitted by Murky.

Many many things – I think by the time you reach 50, that is a given.

  1. Give up smoking – free from that addiction for three years and rising.  Strangely, I still dream about smoking, but always with a “My god – why is this fag in my hand AARRGGHH” as I throw it away.
  2. Eat oysters – Husband took me to Loch Fyne in Bath for a meal.  Excellent seafood there.  He had the platter (to himself) which came with oysters.  I ate about three of them – that was all he would let me have of the 12 he had on his plate.
  3. Find someone to love for more that six months – we’re up to 21 years and counting on that one.
  4. Re 3 – get married.  Never thought that was gonna happen to me.  Perhaps that’s why I kept my maiden name…
  5. Get a Dog – that’s gonna happen soon.

And probably more that I am not willing to share.  My daughter reads this lol!


QotD: The Day I Met My BFF(s)

How did you meet your best friend(s)?

I met them both at the Baby Clinic. 

I met Best Friend when I first moved to Harrow with one child of fourteen months old and twins of three weeks old, one Husband and two cats.  Thank god for baby clinics!  It met every Thursday morning, and it wasn't until I had been going for about a month that anyone realised I had twins – one of them was always asleep when I got there, and didnt wake till id left.  Thank god for twin prams too – I had a baby at each end, and a pram seat across the middle for Daughter to sit on.  With the hoods up, it was cosy and warm and (mostly) dry in there.

Then Best Friend got a job and we sort of lost touch.

I met K when Youngest Son was four weeks old, and her Youngest Daughter was six weeks old, at the same baby clinic.  I just clicked with K as soon as I met her. 

Then, when Youngest Son was about 2 years old, I saw Best Friend in the school playground.  And, glad to say, the three of us have been best friends ever since.  We have holidayed together, cooked together and done pretty much everything together.

One year we went to the Isle of Wight on a camping trip, with Husband being the only man there for the first week.  We were a party of one man, three women and eight children pretty much everywhere we went, and  had tees with this picture on to wear. As usual, Husband didn't turn a hair – though quite a few other people did!

Would not change them for the whole world – we bitch together, complain about each other and support each other through breakdowns and crises and all the shit that life has so far thrown at us. We have seen each other's kids grow – now Daughter is at Uni and Best Friend's Daughter picked us up from the Pink Concert the other night.  Scary.  But good scary. 

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QotD: My Ambitious Wish List

What are 5 things you'd like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

  1. Help my children settle down somewhere else and then move to a house by the sea.  Husband can dive and I can become a beachcomber.  The important bit is the children somewhere else, though.
  2. Lose 35lb – I've lost 30 in the last year so not doing too bad.  I know that's a slow loss rate, but it should be easier to keep it off if I change my eating habits and up the exercise gradually.  Seems to be working.
  3. Get rid of 80% of the junk I own.  OK, not the dishwasher/fridge/washing machine sort of "junk", but books I am never going to read again, CDs I don't much like and have already ripped to iTunes and backed up, clothes I will never wear even if they do fit – you know what I mean, we all have this stuff.  I want to be minimalist again.
  4. See Faithless perform again – I don't know if I can count this, it's just really a hope that they don't split!  But they do the best live set I have ever come across – they are awesome and involving and intelligent and just the fucking greatest dance band ever bar non!
  5. Enrol in the Open University and do a degree.  No idea what, no idea when, but it's what I want to do.

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