You Can’t Hurry Love

but you can mime it…

Stargate Inception

One of the best trailers mash ups I have seen.


Damn. I miss Daniel Jackson.

Note to self – maybe you should watch Inception sometime soon?

Dave Gorman, You Are Truly Wonderful!

If you ever get a chance to see him live, take it. He is superb!

A Multitude Of Marvelous


5 Ways Television Went Crazy Since I Quit Watching in 2003 |


article image

Yes, I know none of them is John Cleese. This IS the funniest thing I have read this year, and strikes a note with me – I catch up on TV cos people tell me about it. Get yourself a drink, and settle down to a good read. You’ll thank me!

What all the Best-Dressed Presents are Wearing This Year…

Doctor Who Gift Wrapping Paper!

Guess what my presents are going to be wrapped in? Provided I can find some, that is!

The Tardis is the coolest.




QotD: Set Your DVR

What TV show(s) will you be watching this season? Why?
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Dr Who – when it starts again.
University Challenge – I like to see clever people being clever
QI – because it has the cleverest person in the world as a host (well, on the TV, perhaps…)
24 – on reruns cos I didn’t get into it first time round (yes, I know, shame on me)

Best TV

Avid SF fan, and I do mean avid. 

Blake's 7 – corny as hell, but it did have Avon, the bad man I wanted to change, in black studded leather.

Dr Who – even more corny as hell, but at 26 (or was it 27) series originally, knocked Buffy and Angel in the longevity stakes.  New series just amazing – Christoper Eccleston was a good choice, and David Tennant an even better one.

Star Trek – Cliched, but good.  DS9 was the best, then Generations – who did not lust after Picard?  I would have made it so, any time.

Babylon 5 – I have now watched this entire 5 season show 5 times, 4 completely and once missing about half of Seasons 1 & 2, before I got hooked (and before I got Sky+).

Coupling – just the funniest thing ever.  And Two Pints of Lager & A Packet ot Crisps – second funniest.  Not forgetting I Deal with Johny Vegas – sorry all you non-Brits out there, you will just have to take my word for it.  No, don't take my word – get out there, search for them, watch them – then you can come back and let me know what you think!

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