Germany has such Lovely Food

I just found out about Currywurst. It is, and I quote this from, a “popular ‘fast food’ in Berlin, Germany. It is quick and simple and everyone loves it! If you’re in a hurry, you can substitute ketchup for the sauce, or use your own recipe.”

Here’s the accompanying picture:


And the accompanying recipe:


Whoa, just a moment here.

3 x 15oz cans tomato sauce.

Three whole cans. For FOUR servings of sauce that is to be poured over sausages? What the fuck is this, Currywurst Soup? Just remember, the top picture shows what it should look like!

Gotta say, if I do ever go to Germany, and see Currywurst on the menu, I am going to give it a miss!

Also love the air quotes round ‘fast food’.

And don’t trust

Good Ideas Sometimes Need Work…

Saw these on Pinterest, and thought they looked delicious. There are the words Jelly Shot in the title, and I can see cake and chocolate. So I clicked the pin.

Liquor… it’s not just for gelatin anymore!  With Eat Your Drink™, the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen team is poised to take aim at all the major dessert categories – cake, ice cream, mousse – infusing them with “spirited” fun and frolic! The possibilities are endless!  (You can click on the Eat Your Drink™ section on the right for ready access to these posts.)

We hope you love our opening offering: a mini Boston Cream Pie, with moist delicious yellow cake, vodka-infused filling and a big spoonful of ganache* on top!

OK. It’s a bit “excited!”, but look! It’s their first one!

Keep scanning down. Ingredients.

Cake – 1 yellow cake mix made up as per instructions.
Granache – Cream and a bag of dark chocolate chips
Filling – Box vanilla pudding mix, gelatin, cream and vanilla vodka (finally, an ingredient I can really get behind!)

Look, I know there are people out there who don’t know how to cook. They can’t make a cake, or a pudding, or roast a dinner. But the rest of us, we like the real thing. PLUS, you know, there are acceptable limits for insect parts and animal hair in processed foods, and if that doesn’t put you off using them*, nothing will.

I am still going to make this. I can make a Victoria Sponge, and buy some decent chocolate solids for the ganache. Only I need to know, my American friends, what is Vanilla Pudding mix?

And when I make it, I don’t think I will cut the cake into those delicate little rounds, even though they look gorgeous. I shall make diamonds or squares. Why make cake just to waste some? (yes, I know I could just eat it, but it’s wasted in that it is not making a Boozy Boston Cream Pie)

*ganache – it’s good to see they know the right words to use
*I know I have to eat some processed foods. I do not make my own bread, or yoghurt, or milk my own cow. So I really do limit the amount of stuff that I buy that I can do myself.

Link to JSTK post

Never again, I say. Never.

The Things You Learn *

The above snack food item consists of little hollow balls of crispy, slightly gluey sort-of-cheesiness.

According to the nutritional information on the side of the packet, 1/6 of a bag has 135 calories.

That means a full bag contains 810 calories.


That bag has more calories than a snack food has a right to.

Instead of eating that, you could eat these:

A nice roast dinner (750 Calories), a medium baked potato topped with tuna and sweetcorn (650 calories), a medium portion of cod and chips (800 calories, a large donner kebab with chilli sauce and mayo (800 calories) or drink 5 and a half large glasses of white wine (810 calories).

Which would you rather have, really?

No, we didn’t eat them. We gave them to the boys as they sat round, playing computer games on the TV.

* Plus. A whole on-line experience of Shopping for Ex-Pats. Wow. The internets – what would we do without them?



demotivational posters - SNOOP DOGG

What is Snoop doing in that kitchen?
Sorry. I’ll rephrase that.
Why is Snoop in that kitchen?
(Obviously what he is going is making brownies)
Why is he making brownies in a black suit?
Has no one told him how much flour shows up on black?

So many questions.
So few answers.

Yes, we have no – sorry, make that 24 bananas

I know it was four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and the clocks went back last night, so a lot of peeps probably thought it was five, but really, Waitrose. 24 Bananas?

There were even less after I bought mine…

And for those of you who, like my children, have no idea why Having No Bananas made me laugh out loud in front of all those Sunday Shoppers, I give you Spike Jones’ version.

Can’t beat the old ones, sometimes!


Tentacle pot pie!

via Not Martha

Link to original post

Link to recipe / instructions



Guess Again Carrots

Having got this from Lizzie, I thought I would try the Guess Again Carrots.  Turned out yummilicious, so Daughter here is a photo shoot of start to finish.

Edited it now that I found you can have photos in a line (like below) even when they have been uploaded for ages, not just when you upload them.  A feature I did not know about!  So, once again, Guess Again Carrots.  And I think I may do these for lunch today.

You will need: 1.5 lb carrits and a suitable pan.

1 1/2 lb CarrotsUse a Suitable Sized Pan

Peel and slice carrots  Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins, or until tender.
While they are cooking, finely chop one large onion, minced garlic and 8oz sharp cheese, grated.
1 Small Onion, Grated, and 3 Cloves Garlic, Crushed8oz Mature Cheddar CheeseGrate the Cheese

The recipe also called for breadcrumbs for the topping.  I did not notice this until just before I put the dish in the oven, so there are no pictures.   But I did use them.  I whizzed one slice of bread in my Food Processor till it became small crumbs.

Mash carrots – try and make them as smooth as possible.  Mix with 3/4 of the cheese and the grated onion.

Mashed CarrotsPlace Carrots, Onions & Cheese in a BowlAll Mixed Up

Season with salt and black pepper, and place into lightly greased oven-proof dish.  Top with reserved cheese and breadcumbs.  Bake for 40 minutes at gas 6.

  Delicious.  Even Middle Son, a carrot-hater for many years, ate this all up.  But it was so cheesy…

Made the Spinach Cheese Squares…

Made the Spinach & Cheese Squares that i found on desiredandhealthy's blog and it was pretty scrummy, considering I went – OK, yes, I have cottage cheese, parmesan, fresh spinach, eggs, bread, paprika – so no cheddar so no extra cheesy top and not frozen spinach, so I will just have to wing it and see how it turns out, and do it properly another time.

So I did – half-eaten now.  Youngest said it was very nice and Husband went "veggie food" but ate it anyway.

So thanks desiredandhealthy – will definately make this again.

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