#26 of #365 – Bad Mojo

This is the supermarket that made Daughter cry. With rage. With frustration. With disbelief.

Daughter is lovely. She does the weekly food planning, makes the shopping list, heads off to the supermarket, buys all the stuff, comes home and puts it all away. I could kiss her feet for this – I am crap at meal planning and always ALWAYS overspent at the supermarket. An Impulse Shopper, I am!

So this week Daughter (24) goes to Sainsbury’s with MiddleSon (22). They buy the weekly food shop (¬£150 worth) and then pick up a bottle of wine for cooking with, and two Pilnser beers for MiddleSon, who became partial to a Pilsner when in Prague.

At the checkout the lady asked for ID. Daughter is used to this – she does look under 21 and some days even younger (I tell her she will appreciate this when she is older lol!). ID is produced and verified.

“I need to see your ID now” she then tells MiddleSon.

The only ID MiddleSon has is his passport, which he does not carry on routine shopping trips.

So, under the auspices of the new Challenge 25 piece of shite intiative, checkout lady refuses to sell them the alcohol. The manager, when he arrives, also refuses to see Daughter the alcohol “because she is with someone whose age cannot be verified”.

There are a few points here.

1) If I was there, me with my 55 year old face, would I have been refused because I was with MiddleSon? No, because it’s not a group of young people.

2) How stupid do they think people are, to buy alcohol for underage drinkers while they are with them?

c) How stupid are Sainsbury’s, to impose a policy like Challenge 25, which is upsetting a large part of the younger demographic, who will grow up not shopping at their stores?

Here’s a link to a post on the Sainsbury’s web site with the view of people falling foul of Challenge 25 (and yes, I forwarded the link to Daughter).

I couldn’t find a link to anything on the Sainsbury’s site explainng how they implement their Challenge 25 Policy – however, here is a link to a post on Asda’s website, saying that to refuse to sell to a customer with ID because they are with a person without ID is discriminatory

Let’s sue ’em Daughter. Emotional distress (MiddleSon says she was making a scene – this is so unlike Daughter, who is usually quite calm outside the house); embarassment; infringment of your civil liberties – I am sure there is a long list we could try for…

And MiddleSon has no problem buying alcohol without ID nearer to home. Look, here’s his bedroom right now…

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