First Time a City has Entered the Darwin Award Race

Seriously, Monrovia (capital of Liberia. I had to look it up too.)

Ebola is a scam, so let’s raid the quarantine hospital, kick the patients onto the streets and then steal the blood-stained blankets and sheets?

What the actual fuck?

Only in The Daily Mail…

Came across this article today – sorry, was pointed at this article (I do not want you to think I actually read the Daily Mail!)

Easy life: Jayne admits it’s a bit lazy to keep pushing son Oscar around but it is more convenient for her. And he is a big lad, isn’t he!

buggy 1

And it got me thinking.

Not one of those parents mentioned the only reason for still having a buggy when your child is 3+ and fully capable of walking. SHOPPING. I walked my kids everywhere, which was interesting to do and healthy as well. but still had the pram or the buggy, so that they when got tired (which they do, no matter how fit and used to walking they are!) they could rest, and I had something to hang the picnic / shopping / whatever on.

Judgemental much? There’s even – of course – a tumblr about it.

I really missed the buggy when they were all at school, so I graduated to a ‘granny wagon’ aka a wheeled shopping trolley, and so many people told me that I was ‘too young’ to use one of those! I used to thank them, and still wonder why it is better to carry lots of bags in your hands than push a four-wheeled trolley?

What I really, really hate are those huge buggys that parents use. Size of a small car, capacity for one child. On the bus, unfolded. And then I get told to move my trolley! No way. I can’t fold mine, you can. Deal with it.

Getting a sholley next. Is the next best thing to a walking frame, with capacity. Go for the best, I say!

Ice Sculpture – sorry, that should read Ice Car


Sorry. That should read Ice Covered Car!

And Husband complains when someone parks outside the house – at least this has never happened to him.

The link has a video too.

Battling the Tradition of Genital Mutilation in Egypt

Thanks to Master’s bitch for the pointer to this article.  Here and here are articles about what FGM actually entails.  And I fall to my knees, yet again thankful I live in the UK.  I do not have to fear planes, soldiers or having my clitoris removed. 

Women Need Their Clitoris!

clipped from

At Tanta University in Egypt, the backdrop for speakers at a symposium in August read, “The Beginning of the End, No to Female Circumcision.” The Egyptian government, religious authorities and activists have united in an effort to end the tradition, which is so common that a survey in 2005 found that 96 percent of Egyptian women had undergone it.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

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Egyptian health care workers and nursing students held a moment of silence to honor a 13 year-old girl who died in August during an operation to have her clitoris removed. After the death, Egyptian authorities shut down the clinic, but an elder in the village in which the girl lived said,”Even if the state doesn’t like it, we will circumcise the girls.”

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

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Marie Assaad, an 84-year-old anthropologist, has been involved in the fight against genital cutting since the 1950s. “I never thought I would live to see this day,” she said, referring to an article on the subject in a widely circulated daily newspaper. Ms. Assaad helped to convince Suzanne Mubarak, the influential wife of Egypt’s president, to take up the issue.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

clipped from

Young girls outside the shuttered clinic where a 13-year-old girl died in August during a genital cutting operation.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times


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Men at a tea shop across the street from the clinic. One aspect of the government’s attempts to end the practice has been to produce a booklet explaining that the procedure is not called for in Islam.In neighboring Saudi Arabia, the practice is viewed as abhorrent, a relic of pre-Islamic traditions.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

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Egyptian actors perform the play “Think Twice,” designed to raise awareness of social issues including drug abuse, unemployment and genital cutting. In this scene, a family is considering whether a young girl should undergo the operation.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

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The play has been performed in villages across Egypt. Egypt’s health ministry, which ordered a nationwide ban in 1996, is making a new effort at enforcement.

Photo: Shawn Baldwin for The New York Time

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Surviving the World – Lesson 825 – Censorship

Surviving the World – Lesson 825 – Censorship

If we learn anything from Julian Assange, it is that Free Speech is a myth. Also that Governments are Bullies.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Wikileaks, to attack without recourse to courts of law, and with total disregard for justice, is wrong.


Everything Everywhere staff see Red over ‘traffic light’ redundancy system

About 1,200 UK Orange and T-Mobile staff have been informed of their looming redundancy in public via a “traffic light” colour code system, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

The presentations were made in public in front of between 30-60 colleagues. Some employees are thought to have had no idea that their jobs were at risk before the humiliating public meeting. One employee said: “Some of the people got up and walked straight out of the room, others sat there crying, others were absolutely dumbstruck.”

Daily Telegraph article

Well fuck. Way to go mobile giant. Would that not be the shittiest way to lose your job?

I thought we had laws about this?

Yes we do (I finished the article). What gets me – the company do not recognise trade unions! Gets my working class goat, that line.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Completes First Manned Glide Flight


I just wish I could fulfil my life-long dream and see Earth from Space. Maybe this will bring the dream nearer…

The VSS Enterprise today reached a new milestone: completing a manned free flight from over 45,000 feet, then gliding down to land at Mojave Air and Spaceport, in California.

During its first flight the spaceship was piloted by Pete Siebold, assisted by Mike Alsbury as co-pilot. The two main goals of the flight were to carry out a clean release of the spaceship from its mothership and for the pilots to free fly and glide back and land at Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

More info here, at Virgin Galactic News.