Door Repair WIN – Cheezburger

Door Repair WIN – Cheezburger.

Door Repair WIN

This is fucking inspired. Inspired.

J Is For James


J Is For James

So – who is the sexiest Bond? I suspect it depends on your age – I still rather hanker for Moore, though Connery was pretty damn smooth. The rest have never really done it for me.

And which is your favourite Bond movie?  For me, it’s Moonraker.

The Sound of Music

as you have never seen it before.


What a difference music makes.

Any Questions?

Link to Razzies

Any Questions?

“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” earned several nominations, including, but not limited to, worst acting nominations for all three of its leads. Seems OK to me!

Stare Competition


4 koma comic strip - Stare Competition


Stargate Inception

One of the best trailers mash ups I have seen.


Damn. I miss Daniel Jackson.

Note to self – maybe you should watch Inception sometime soon?

Dirty Harry

…you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well do ya, Voldemort?

Dirty Harry

Rocky Horror in 5 Seconds.

And they said it couldn’t be done.

Celebrity Gifs - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror GIF Show.

Kinky, Bella. Kinky.

I heart beastiality  And necrophilia

Memories are Made of This…

Thanks are due to Kelly and her post of Memories of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

One of the reasons I loved her post so much is that I was transported back to the first time I saw the movie. Which was in a galaxy far, far away… that’s what I feel the past is, mostly.

The  first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show anywhere was at a movie theatre in Tel Aviv, late night showing. I had no idea what I was going to see, except that I knew it was a stage show, having gone past the theatre in London where it was showing twice daily for a year.

I was blown away. The late night viewers knew every song, every moment of that movie off by heart. They opened the drapes, they pushed the wheelchair, they threw rice, someone threw a bouquet which was caught by a young man two rows ahead of me, who gave them to his girl:  it was not so much a show as an Experience.

And so I did.

I went back every Saturday night for three months. I spent a fortune on rice. I got to know the other fans rather well. I went to two weddings and one funeral, met three lots of parents, and found out that even very religious Jews will still eat cheese and bacon when out of the home. Well, some of them do!

Thanks, Kelly, for making these memories rise to the top of my brain. I have not remembered this for years, and it is so good to meet them again.

Click through to Kelly’s post if you want videos. I am at work, and I think my boss might notice if that soundtrack started playing