Serenah’s Nekkid Kitty Pics

Beautiful Pictures of Hairless Cats - 01

Springfield Park


What a fantastic view!  Green and Blue and Cricket.  How very British.

(Got phone power now, so finally uploading picture)

This is Our Future, Earth.

APOD: 2011 August 7 – MyCn18: An Hourglass Planetary Nebula.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
the highest resolution version available.

Let’s get an exit strategy, OK?


The sands of time are running out for the central star of this hourglass-shaped planetary nebula. With its nuclear fuel exhausted, this brief, spectacular, closing phase of a Sun-like star’s life occurs as its outer layers are ejected – its core becoming a cooling, fading white dwarf.

Delicate rings of glowing gas (nitrogen-red, hydrogen-green, and oxygen-blue) outline the tenuous walls of the hourglass.

The unprecedented sharpness of the HST images has revealed surprising details of the nebula ejection process, helping resolve the outstanding mysteries of the complex shapes and symmetries of planetary nebulas.

Tycho’s Supernova Remnant

APOD: 2011 April 30 – Tycho’s Supernova Remnant.

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Tycho! Tycho! burning bright
In the darkness of the night,
What exploding white dwarf star
Did frame thy remnant from afar,

In the distant deep dark skies
Under gaze of human eyes?
Seen by mortals and their ma
Named for one called Tycho Brahe.

(as lifted direct from

At last! I now know how to pronounce Brahe.  Something learned every day.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day. See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

Another stunning full moon shot, this time over Boston’s skyline.

If you managed to miss this perigee Full Moon, make a note on your calendar. Your next chance to see the Moon this large and bright, this time at full phase within only a few minutes of lunar perigee, will be May 6 2012.

APOD: 2011 March 20 – Parthenon Moon

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

#29 of 365 – We Are The Champions


Because today we won the Carling Cup.

We have a bad history with this – the last time we were in the final Liverpool beat us on penalties, even though (and I know I am biased here) we played much better. So today I couldn’t even watch with Eldest and Middle. I sat on my laptop, with the radio on, listening instead.

So today we had Arsenal. And we won.


No Penalties, no Extra Time and no Red Cards. Just some exciting, well played football and ONE STONKING GREAT BIG WIN.

Can you tell I am excited – it’s our First Trophy for 40-something years.

Wine is being drunk as I speak.
There is Champagne, but it is Husbands, and he was visiting his dad today, so I can’t just start quaffing it.

I had another pictures for today. Here it is.

The One Egg Wonder: The Pan for Single People. Found at Sainsbury’s  as I had to go and do the shopping – Daughter refused to go to there ever again, after her last experience! I so wanted this cute little pan but in a house of six people, it would have been overwhelmed.  Also, we fight over “Our Favourite (insert item name here)” as it is – I can see everyone in my house wanting this pan.

So Happy Carling Cup Winning Day to Me, and Happy Sunday to everyone else who does not support Birmingham City.

Plus today I discovered a new and wonderful thing in my Start Menu – the Snipping Tool. It snips web pages, So today, when I went to look at Tumbr and got a Site Unavailable message, I just snipped it out. It is so easy.

Husband came home and put the champagne in the freezer. Champagne Time !!!!!

#28 of #365 – The Earth Exhales

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One of the reasons I like walking Heidi early in the morning is this – the earth exhaling. Till I got a dog, I had only seen this phenomenon when I stayed up late, rather than got up early.

I love how Heidi is trying to compete with the exhaling earth by adding her own cloud of vapour.

The quote is from the John Betjeman poem Slough, the final stanza of which reads

Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough
To get it ready for the plough.
The cabbages are coming now;
The earth exhales.

link to full text

I like how the text is on the Slough website!

I heart Betjeman. His poetry is like Kiplings, in that it is best read out loud.

Reblog: Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, & Chiloe: Dogs – Lana Renee Photography

Amazingly wonderful photographs of dogs in Chile. Thanks, freshlypressed!

The thing that struck me is dogs running free. No collars. And then such wonderful glimpses of life in another country via their dogs.

Go look. It’s wonderful.

Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, & Chiloe: Dogs For those of you coming from Freshly Pressed, Welcome! I’m a California girl now living in Santiago, Chile working as a wedding photographer! I love to photograph dogs and there are a lot of dogs in Chile. So when I do take my camera out, I end up looking like a crazy gringa giving so much attention to them. Let me start this little travel series with my dog collection from last weekend: Thanks for stopping by.. please subscribe in the sidebar an … Read More

via Lana Renee Photography

#14 of #365


New computer.
45 updates
Something is not right here

And that something includes WP mobile not updating from draft status. Again.