#27 of #365 – Avoiding the Roadworks

Today I decided to avoid the 1/2 mile stretch of road which is being resurfaced. It’s not just the waiting in traffic, though that is long. It is the stupidity of people – those who do not leave road entrances clear for traffic to turn into, so the turnee blocks the traffic going one way, but the blockee can’t move either. Stalemate. And Frustration. And Why the Fuck are You so Bloody Stupid! as well.

So I walked the 0.8 mile to Rayner’s Lane Tube (I checked, and it’s all uphill too!) to catch the train to work today.

Here’s the platform. Most of these people got on the Piccadilly line. I need the Metropolitan to get into Harrow.

So did the girl with the amazing hair.


This one.

Long and Blonde and Beautiful it most certainly is.

But I would go insane with hair that long. It must tickle her bum when she is in the shower, and how long does it take to dry! Thank god I am getting on a bit now, and I don’t have to look beautiful in the morning.

Bonus Photo:

Oh, no, not again! What will Warren do now?


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2 Responses to #27 of #365 – Avoiding the Roadworks

  1. ryoko861 says:

    If she only knew……..

    I love the way “again” is highlighted. Sort of like it’s saying “yes, some idiot flushed something down that shouldn’t have been flushed”

  2. Boston Margy says:

    Nice hair! Too much trouble for the likes of me, though. I wash-and-go, with a few seconds for brushing.

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