Oh the poetry!

Just you can grasp just the quality of the stuff I type, I offer up this classic sentence beginning:

Well I would assume, not making assumptions, you shouldn’t make assumptions, but I would assume…

Sheer poetry.

Vox Hunt: Fashion Police

Vox Hunt: Show us a fashion trend that you hope goes out of style ASAP.

You had to ask!

in Third Place there’s the Harem Pant in all its glory:

in Second Place, there are Shants.  Or Shresses.  Whatever.

And what happens when you put Harem Pants and Shanty Shresses together?
You get First Place, that’s what you get.

All photos from my favourite fashion site, The Fashion Police, keeping people aware of disaster before they buy it.


And hopefully I never, ever come across someone actually wearing the Harem Shant.  Unless they are extremely fit, young, healthy and at a fancy dress party as Jeannie of the Lamp.

And today, three wow, no, SIX years after this post was originally published (August 20, 2008), someone HaremPantsLover on Flick favourited this photo. Proof right here.

I guess it really does take all sorts.

Why does Dresden need a lighthouse?

This is a Lighthouse in Dresden.


The answer to the question “Why the fuck does Dresden have a lighthouse!?!” that erupted from my lips today due to the knowledge that Dresden does not have a fucking coastline, is answered by the words “Rick Fucker.”  

Rich, Entitled Fucker.

Original Finding – here
WiKi – here

The Life Expectancy of People with Down Syndrome » Sociological Images

The Life Expectancy of People with Down Syndrome » Sociological Images.

Figures like this are what make me want to beat to death people who whinge about White Disenfranchisement. Honestly – to death.

Charity accountant stole over £500,000 to buy 105 car wrecks

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Charity accountant stole over £500,000 to buy 105 car wrecks.

This is media-called (like self-styled, but the entertainment business style you instead) “eccentric Brendan Joyce”, an accountant for Above and Beyond, a charity raising money for nine central Bristol hospitals, for 17 years. 

He bought wrecked cars and storage for them with the money he stole from the charity. And they call him “eccentric”? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

And seriously. Look at him. Would you trust him?

I just bought me some Bruce Springsteen and iTunes classify him as Pop.

That cannot be right.


Toto, I don’t think we should live in Kansas anymore

Link to Story here

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Cos this Light Switch Showed Me So!

WTF of the day.

Squeaky Clean…

Enema Mine | Regretsy

That sound you can hear? That is my jaw hitting the desk. I think What the Fuck is too tame for an Enema Brooch! Gotta say, that is some mighty fine detailing there…

And I heartily recommend Regretsy. I found it through the marvellous Leenda and I read it avidly – I am even a Facebook Fan! For the finds like this and the bitingly sarcastic, irreverent and plain old WOW! comments.

Sweet Fossils Above!


4koma comic strip - Fossils: How Do They Work?

Me neither. But now that America has outsourced space flight, it looks like we are all stuck here, with the loonies.

Honestly, wtf?