Do you think it’s fair…

that Drs 10 and 11 get masks like these…

DAVID_TENANT_large MATT_SMITH_largeYet poor old Clara seems – optically challenged, shall we say?


Available here (There are some lovely earrings, though)


Want. Want. Want.

Sob – they’re out of stock….

Just Like the Real Thing

It’s $15.99 from Think Geek – I put myself on the mailing list for when it’s back in stock.

I’m waiting……………………

And thanks to Steve at, I shall soon be the happy owner of a Tardis mug! Thank you Steve!

That’s Doctor Lama to You


That’s Doctor Lama to you

That’s certainly an interesting theory. And it would explain much about the Chinese…

Are We Still Worth Saving?


funny celebrity pictures - we mst convince him to continu to save us

My favourite Doctor, Tom Baker. Closely followed by Ecclestone, then Tennant.  But I am more used to seeing him like this than he looks now, even if he is with a dalek!

Ahhhh, This is better…

Such a cheeky smile!

TARDIS Door: Brilliant!

TARDIS Door: Brilliant!

A Multitude Of Marvelous


What all the Best-Dressed Presents are Wearing This Year…

Doctor Who Gift Wrapping Paper!

Guess what my presents are going to be wrapped in? Provided I can find some, that is!

The Tardis is the coolest.




Whovian Venn

Dr Who has ALL the Bases.

funny graphs - But It's the Only One with Tea Time