QotD: What I Meant To Say Was…

How many times do you usually re-edit posts? What is the most common reason for doing so?
Submitted by Mr. Guilt.

I post everything as hidden until I have looked at it.  This is (unfortunately) due to Vox's strange way of changing how my post looks.

I generally do posts in Word first, so I can spell-check and shit.  I hate typos – too many years as a secretary to let those past!  So usually, the edit is just for formatting.

So, Mr Guilt, do I get the job?


Edited 4 times, then cut and paste into Word, re-edited, put into Vox.  

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Vox Hunt: Dangerously Cute

Show us something dangerously cute.
Submitted by Indy Bunny.

As I do not have a Cute gene, no kittens or puppies here.

The picture says it all.

Legolas is cute.  Not open for discussion.
Dangerous?  Yes, but only if you are on the side of evil.

Cute. Tick.  Dangerous.  What do you think?

OK.  So I lied about the puppies.  Bite me.

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Vox Hunt: It’s A Sign

Show us a sign.
Submitted by the roo.

Photographed in Brighton yesterday.  We were going back to the car before the parking ran out, so I didn't have the time to run over and see what it is selling lol!  Hey, Daughter, perhaps you can see for me?

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Vox Hunt: I Love This Mug

Show us your favorite mug.

You know it's true!

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