We’re Moving!

Not quite sure when, yet. But the house is on the market, and the Open Day is on Saturday. That’s also our 28th Wedding Anniversary, and Husband is away diving.

Here’s the details:


If it doesn’t work, and you are interested in seeing where I live, and what we are happily leaving behind, go to Rightmove.co.uk, and put in the postcode HA2 9DS. There’s only us…

We took out the chimney breasts, arranged for the study and downstairs cloakroom to be added, and added the loft master bedroom with en suite, upgraded the central heating, paid for the dropped kerb and drive, and fitted the brand new (2010, anyway) kitchen.

In some respects I will miss it. In most others, I won’t.

Looking forward to Christmas in Dorset…



Blood Test this Morning

Chemo on Friday, unless the tests say not.

Last night was a visit to my oncologist, with measurement of tumor shrinkage included. And thankfully it IS shrinking! So the chemo is working well, and I don’t need to change it. Which is good, as (apart from having no hair and being more tired than I have even been in my life) I am having no problem with this at all.

But the tiredness, that is killing!

Other things done recently – went to see Dave Gorman at the HMV Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Apollo. Normally, we would trek there on the tube – straightforward enough, walk to Rayners Lane or catch the bus to South Harrow, get the Picadilly line to Hammersmith, walk to the venue, reverse coming home, journey time 50 minutes.

However, Husband decided that the theatre was going to be full of disease zombies who were just out to make me ill, and that the tube would be even fuller of disease zombies getting their germs right in my face, so he would drive us there.

Wow. Having the underground so easily available does make one forget that not ALL of London is miles away! 25 minutes, door to door (and we managed to park right outside the theatre, under the flyover!) – putting the Apollo much higher on List of Venues I Go To With Husband!

I was going to put a video of Dave Gorman doing Postcard, and another of Jay Foreman, support act at Hammersmith, here for your edification – but WordPress seems to not allow video linking anymore.

Tambourine Lessons – Comixed


There’s  fifty/fifty split on Jimmy Page or Robert Plant, with a few dumbasses going for Girl.

Rock on Robert, sexiest man in Led Zep and still rather tasty now, all these years later. Seeing that picture reminds me of my youth – I think I was 13 when I first heard some Zepplin. Obviously not this performance!

Strongest memory for Stairway to Heaven was the Friday night discos at Kibbutz Ramot Menashe, where I spent nearly a year as a volunteer, aged 25. The DJ, whichever one it was, would always play this and all the Israeli guys would try to slow-dance. Like they hadn’t ever heard it before. It could get fraught – saying No could mean no more Mr Nice Guy, saying Yes meant an embarassing moment when the music went from slow to fast. I learnt to leave early.

Stingray Nebula

Via xkcd.Of course.

Stingray Nebula

Right now, I am doing three of my favourite things. And no,I am not in bed… sleeping.

1) Listening to music. Right now, it’s the live CD of the Faithless concert I went to in November. The memories – I was right at the front for the whole gig. Specially the ones where I got off the tube way, way too early and then discovered it was the last one. Bugger. £50 to get a black cab home… and it was bloody freezing!

2) Watching someone else cook my breakfast. Thanks,Daughter! Even if it is because her boyfriend slept over last night.

3) Surfing the net via Google Reader.

Have a nice day. May all my flood-swept neighbours be safe.

Here for your listening please, the incomparable Faithless and their famous track, Insomnia.This is the extended, album version.I wish I could afford the upgrade to mp3 – I would pay,if it was a one off,not a yearly fee. Cos what happens when you cannot pay – all your music vanishes!

Maxi was once asked “Do you ever get tired of playing Insomnia?”

“No,” he said. “It’s paid for my mortgage!”

So, all you stars out there, not dropping the BigTune your fans are waiting for, take note.

Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer

Visited Miss Cellania today, to find she had posted this wonderfully done video.

I have hearted Tom Lehrer since I was 17, maybe 18. I had gone with a few friends to a party in the wilds somewhere. We drove for hours to get there, and stayed the night. It was a draughty country house, with wooden floors and wrought iron that probably all got ripped out in the seventies that were to come!

It was a very exciting party – I was the youngest there, trying hard to act like I was cool, and there were Canapes! and runny Brie! and Salami!

And most of all, there was an LP by Tom Lehrer.

It was played twice that night, and again in the morning.

Remember, this was the days before home computers or the internet or instant file transfer. Or YouTube! I really wanted that LP, so I walked two miles to the local shops to see if I could buy a cassette. I thought this would be a vain hope, as shops were less well-stocked, more specialist, than they are today, but wherever we were, it had a Record Shop. And it sold Blank Cassettes. And I had enough money to buy one.

So 2 miles back and one hour later, I had my own home-taped copy  of A Evening With Tom Lehrer to play any time I wanted.

Standout tracks – ain’t a one. They are all good. From the one about a holiday visit to a bullring, where the bull is compared to Half a ton of angry Pot Roast to The Masochism Tango they are all truly wonderful.

My personal favourite – as a child of the Nuclear Age, teenage militant member of CND who was firmly convinced Nuclear Winter was the shape of things to come – We Will All Go Together When We Go.

So I leave you with a thought – if Home Taping is Killing Music, why is Music still Alive and Kicking?


Mmmmm. Steak!

Pretty breakfast roon

Where would you go for room 7?

My hotel is next door

View 2 – Look, they’re buildin a Castle!