Escher Escalator


I Could See This Working…


I Could See This Working...

The Sound of Music

as you have never seen it before.


What a difference music makes.

Stargate Inception

One of the best trailers mash ups I have seen.


Damn. I miss Daniel Jackson.

Note to self – maybe you should watch Inception sometime soon?

Dirty Harry

…you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well do ya, Voldemort?

Dirty Harry

Do You Like Jeremy Clarkson?

If you do, you will love this. You might like it even if you don’t know who he is.

Jeremy Clarkson, posh joy rider
Double garage gob with an ego even wider

Jeremy Clarkson, turbo bore
Got a spoiler fitted to your tongue so you could talk some more

Jeremy Clarkson, twin air bag
Some people ask if you’re a fascist, but you never like to brag

Jeremy Clarkson, soft top Tory
You’d like to tarmac all the country and burn a cross in glory

Jeremy Clarkson, jacket, jeans and stripy shirts
Let’s roar into the 80s, taking fashion into reverse

Jeremy Clarkson, Ferrari fag
Lying on the bonnet at the motor show, in drag

Jeremy Clarkson, big boy racer
Have a drink on me with a battery acid chaser

Jeremy Clarkson, who do you think you are?
But maybe I’m just jealous cos I can’t afford a car


Who You Gonna Call?

I betcha weren’t gonna say “Wax Audio”, now,were you?

Listen to this, you might just change your mind…

OK, OK. You’re not gonna change your mind. Ain;t it amazing how you just can’t say Who you gonna call without saying Ghostbusters?

But I do love Wax Audio.