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You don’t want to be a writer.

No, no, I know. You think it’s all kittens and rainbows. It’s one big wordgasm, an ejaculation of unbridled creativity. It’s nougat-filled. It’s pillows, marshmallows, parades. It’s a unicorn in a jaunty hat.

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The night of 18 June 1815 was one to remember. After 23 years of war in Europe, Napoleon faced the combined might of England, Holland and Prussia at Waterloo. By 10 pm, the battle was over. The French were defeated and 50,000 men lay dead or wounded on the battlefield. The casualties were high but for one group of people that was reason to celebrate. They were the dentists who were about to benefit from the great tooth bonanza.

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Mix reality TV and Japanese game shows and throw in the plot of The Truman Show, and you’ve got this (truly!) unbelievable true story.


In January 1998, a struggling 23-year-old stand-up comedian known only by his stage name Nasubi (Eggplant) heard about an audition for a mysterious “show-business related job” and decided to try out for it.

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Andy Ellison posts MRI scans of vegetables on his site Inside Insides. This is a much cooler idea than can be conveyed without seeing it for yourself.

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Random Married To The Sea Comic (06/18/09):

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