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Great crafting!

Reality Sucks


Are We Still Worth Saving?


funny celebrity pictures - we mst convince him to continu to save us

My favourite Doctor, Tom Baker. Closely followed by Ecclestone, then Tennant.  But I am more used to seeing him like this than he looks now, even if he is with a dalek!

Ahhhh, This is better…

Such a cheeky smile!

A Multitude Of Marvelous


What all the Best-Dressed Presents are Wearing This Year…

Doctor Who Gift Wrapping Paper!

Guess what my presents are going to be wrapped in? Provided I can find some, that is!

The Tardis is the coolest.




I’m Most Like Bender, How ‘Bout You?

Celebrity Pictures - Famous Robots

Picard and a Pun – I Just Might Swoon…..


4 koma comic strip - Scotty Can Be a Scumbag