New Year’s Eve was Banging

I think I’m sober now, after what turned out to be the most drunken New Year’s Eve party ever.

Daughter invited friends over, worried for half a day that we hadn’t got enough alcohol or food, then that no one would come, then that her drunken mad friends who just decided, on the spur of the bottle, to come over, would prove to much for us. Not so. We had riotous fun, drink only got spilled on the kitchen floor, which is washable. Heidi got a lot of garden time, and I have not laughed so much in my life!

Come the morning, I woke up starving and not hung-over. Result! I had toast and more toast, and waiting for someone else to get up to make me a cuppa. I just could not handle a kettle! Then I got to watch three still-drunk people cook a chorizo / bacon / potato thing for breakfast. And fry eggs.

Husband slept till 1.30 and Daughter has just finished washing up all the glasses in the house. We decided that next party we have, plastic throwaway glasses are going to be used. Sorry. But sometimes you just have to choose.

Left over party food for dinner – chicken wings, olives, and coleslaw will feature heavily, as we have finished all the bacon and eggs.

Work tomorrow. NOT looking forward to that!

So, how went all your New Year’s Eves?


You know it was a good party when there is not a clean glass left in the whole house.

Not Going Nowhere

That is a lot of belts! Those trousers are going nowhere.


Either that, or he doesn’t realise trying to get them through without paying excess baggage is going to be a right pain when he sets off the security scanners. I left my purse in my pocket when I left London, and it cost me 15 minutes of waiting to be scanned, being patted all over – respectfully, I might add, no groping round the personal bits at Luton! – and finally released.

And I know, grammatically speaking, Not Going Nowhere is supposed to be an error. Pah, I say, If  a double negative was an intensifier for Shakespeare, it’s good enough for me!


#30 of #365 – Dr Who and Some News

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Went to Olympia with Daughter today, to see the new Dr Who exhibition they have on there. There’s an interactive section, then an exhibition with a lot of Dr Who stuff.

Most of my pictures were crap – too dark, I forgot the flash, and when  I remembered the flash, it whited out everything, and I didn’t adjust my camera as I was having too much fun! But I do think the Cybermen came out well – they are quite freaky, I think – scarier than Daleks, but not by much!

Had a burger at a Gastropub first (the Defectors Weld @ Shepherds Bush) – I have never seen a burger so tall before – it was taller than my wine glass and held together with a stick. I would have taken a picture, but I removed the stick first. Bad mistake – it all fell down!

Daughter received a text during lunch from her friend, D2 (she has the same name as Daughter).  A few months ago D2 entered a competition, and she received the news today that she had won a prize! Yay!

Oh. What’s the prize? A 3k run through Battersea Park in a Sumo suit, to raise money for charity? Wow. Good going, girls! Better start the training soon!

So they have 109 days to panic, and train to run 3k. Husband showed them his Couch Potato to 5K training plan, but they are more inclined to get good fitting shoes (a must) and go to a Zumba class. There could be a problem here…

Waiting for Sister Bliss to fill this space

Which she did, very nicely thank you\!

Photos to follow, soon .

On My Way!

The Most Amazing Cycling Video Ever.

Bike trials is a form of mountain biking where the rider attempts to go over an intense obstacle course without putting her feet on the ground.

Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill is a master at street trials. In this demo video, he rides around Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle, bunkers on the island of Inchgarvie, and a power station in the Scottish Highlands. 

Scariest Nurse Ever!

I wouldn’t have minded going to this – as long as SHE was NOT going to be there too. Freak out complete in 10… 9…

Although I guess being scared is the whole point of Halloween?