Some thought thingies

This is superb. A cover with heart and soul. It just leaves me with questions.

Like, why don’t I hear protest songs like this any more?
Just answered that with Pink. She has turned out at least two thoughtful, protesting songs that I can think of, off the top of my head.

Whoa! Maybe I should be listening to more Pearl Jam. That guy has pipes. Surely he cannot sing pap?

What is the guy in the suit playing? It’s not a banjo, it’s a mini guitar. Is that a thing?

Whoa. 1992. Maybe that’s why he’s wearing a v-neck sweater thing over a tee, with really bad pants.

1992? That was Dylan’s 30th Anniversary tribute concert. Shit. That means Dylan’s been around for 52 years. I feel bloody OLD now.

MP3eme Vox: Gone Away, the Faithless Edition

You beg them not to go. *

You ask why they need to go.

Then, when they’ve gone, you really want them back.

Gotta love the Faithless.
Just gotta
* Yes, that is Cameron Diaz and Ewan Macgregor in A Life Less Ordinary, a film I highly recommend you watch.

Remixes are Fun!


Saw this, immediately thought of this.

Well, I thought of the original first. But SoundCloud does not have the original, just remixes. And I really liked this one.

And OMG has it really been nearly two months since my last post!

Sorry. Must try harder (why, those teachers really did understand me!)

WOW! Neil Patrick Harris is just Awesome

Tony Awards Opening Number

I love Neil Patrick Harris, and this just confirms my opinion of him as multi-talented and sexy. And fit too.

Fuck Me!

Bad Ass!

Not being a fan of Rammstein ‘s music I have never really looked out for them (vibrators aside). 

Who knew they did this in their shows (apart from Redscylla, who has probably been burnt by these very flamethrowers and who therefore does not count in the above question!)

Jeez, Redz, it must be living on the edge to go to one of their shows!

I wish RevStan was still on Vox. I mean, I wish RevStan had moved to WordPress. Then I could have shared this with her as well.

Almost spot on for the Tom Lehrer original.

Bjork, Pagan Poetry and Chess

Bjork Pagan Poetry HD (with sound) – YouTube.

Sorry – it’s a click through. But worth it. Here’s a picture.

Things to drop into casual conversation while the kids are playing chess – “My, Bjork has big nipples.”

Not news to Daughter, but everyone else suddenly professed an interest in “Mum’s music”.


I love World Order. Watch and enjoy. And possibly YouTube them – they have more!

Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves

Visitor Remix.




Simone Sunday

Today is listening to music while uploading stuff, listing stuff and backing up stuff. And I found this gem on a CD not much listened to.

Different, funky and yet still intrinsically Nina. Enjoy.

Soundcloud has a lot of Nina Simone