QotD: Your Answers, Please…

I’m a transcriptionist. I sit at home, headphones on, listening to and inputting the spoken word. It can be boring – once I transcribed a whole talk about Food Quality Plastics – but generally it’s intriguing.

Just what do you think I was working on, when I transcribed the following:

And I’ll have to have her, whether she is friendly or hostile or whatever. I don’t know

Just doing a read through, and came across this little gem:

I’m just hitting on them as I see them.


We’re Moving!

Not quite sure when, yet. But the house is on the market, and the Open Day is on Saturday. That’s also our 28th Wedding Anniversary, and Husband is away diving.

Here’s the details:


If it doesn’t work, and you are interested in seeing where I live, and what we are happily leaving behind, go to Rightmove.co.uk, and put in the postcode HA2 9DS. There’s only us…

We took out the chimney breasts, arranged for the study and downstairs cloakroom to be added, and added the loft master bedroom with en suite, upgraded the central heating, paid for the dropped kerb and drive, and fitted the brand new (2010, anyway) kitchen.

In some respects I will miss it. In most others, I won’t.

Looking forward to Christmas in Dorset…



Goodbye bow tie, hello mud pit: a seismic shift in nursery care


Two very differing ways of running a nursery.

Originally posted on Expat Lingo:

In Hong Kong, this is how my son dressed to attend nursery:

Bow tie nursery _ expatlingo.com

On chilly days, Mr. Big Shot layered a on a lemon yellow sweater vest.

This was his mandatory uniform for non-gym days. On gym days he wore shorts that reached his arm pits, paired with a white polo shirt and white sports shoes. Yes, he was part of a tiny army of three-year-old Hongkongers dressed as retired Floridians.

The school, in ultra-dense Hong Kong, didn’t have a scrap of outdoor space, so the children did coordinated exercises beneath artificial trees and air-con vents.

Other than serving cake for snack every other day, the school was strict about health. Each morning I was required to take my son’s temperature and note it in a log book. Because of the ongoing fear of SARS-like contagious diseases, as an additional precaution, a staff member also took his temperature at the school door…

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Colin Furze and His Fart Machine

Just remember, most British people hold the French in disdain. They came over in 1066, killed our rightful king, Harold, and gave us new words for pig and cow. There’s also the delightful dichotomy of the French Surrender Monkeys and the fabulous and brave French Resistance.

Plus they look down on our cheese.

So, ambivalent much?

Not Colin Furze

He built a machine specifically to Fart at France. Across the English Channel (or la Manche, the sleeve, which is what the French call it) which is where only 22 miles of water separate us from the French. 

And his machine is wonderful!


I’ve just found the ideal vehicle for riding out the zombie apocalypse…



The Terra Wind can be custom designed to fit virtually any decor with floor plans, entertainment systems, elcetronics, cabintry, floor coverings, furniture, paint, and graphics that can be tailored to suit individual needs. 

Price is dependent on the options choosen. The Terra Wind shown is approximately $1.2 million.

Damn, it was looking so good too. But that price is for teak cabinets, marble floor and a whirlpool bath/shower combo. Maybe I could get a cheaper one…

Find your CAMI here! Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC 

Can’t argue with the name of the company.


First Time a City has Entered the Darwin Award Race

Seriously, Monrovia (capital of Liberia. I had to look it up too.)

Ebola is a scam, so let’s raid the quarantine hospital, kick the patients onto the streets and then steal the blood-stained blankets and sheets?

What the actual fuck?


Only in The Daily Mail…

Came across this article today – sorry, was pointed at this article (I do not want you to think I actually read the Daily Mail!)


Easy life: Jayne admits it’s a bit lazy to keep pushing son Oscar around but it is more convenient for her. And he is a big lad, isn’t he!

buggy 1

And it got me thinking.

Not one of those parents mentioned the only reason for still having a buggy when your child is 3+ and fully capable of walking. SHOPPING. I walked my kids everywhere, which was interesting to do and healthy as well. but still had the pram or the buggy, so that they when got tired (which they do, no matter how fit and used to walking they are!) they could rest, and I had something to hang the picnic / shopping / whatever on.

Judgemental much? There’s even – of course – a tumblr about it.


I really missed the buggy when they were all at school, so I graduated to a ‘granny wagon’ aka a wheeled shopping trolley, and so many people told me that I was ‘too young’ to use one of those! I used to thank them, and still wonder why it is better to carry lots of bags in your hands than push a four-wheeled trolley?

What I really, really hate are those huge buggys that parents use. Size of a small car, capacity for one child. On the bus, unfolded. And then I get told to move my trolley! No way. I can’t fold mine, you can. Deal with it.

Getting a sholley next. Is the next best thing to a walking frame, with capacity. Go for the best, I say!



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