Some thought thingies

This is superb. A cover with heart and soul. It just leaves me with questions.

Like, why don’t I hear protest songs like this any more?
Just answered that with Pink. She has turned out at least two thoughtful, protesting songs that I can think of, off the top of my head.

Whoa! Maybe I should be listening to more Pearl Jam. That guy has pipes. Surely he cannot sing pap?

What is the guy in the suit playing? It’s not a banjo, it’s a mini guitar. Is that a thing?

Whoa. 1992. Maybe that’s why he’s wearing a v-neck sweater thing over a tee, with really bad pants.

1992? That was Dylan’s 30th Anniversary tribute concert. Shit. That means Dylan’s been around for 52 years. I feel bloody OLD now.



Can any of my 'hood help Dee out here?  I am hoping you can help out here, Sixbucksamonkey!

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Fiona Apple, Across the Universe & Jakatta, American Dream

Listening to Fiona made me think of American Dream.
Something to do with the dream-like quality of the oblivious girl.
I have only just discovered Fiona – thanks be to the internets!

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Anakin Skywalker – The Man in Black

Came across this while wasting time.
Love it.
Hope you enjoy it too.

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