Stingray Nebula

Via xkcd.Of course.

Stingray Nebula

Right now, I am doing three of my favourite things. And no,I am not in bed… sleeping.

1) Listening to music. Right now, it’s the live CD of the Faithless concert I went to in November. The memories – I was right at the front for the whole gig. Specially the ones where I got off the tube way, way too early and then discovered it was the last one. Bugger. £50 to get a black cab home… and it was bloody freezing!

2) Watching someone else cook my breakfast. Thanks,Daughter! Even if it is because her boyfriend slept over last night.

3) Surfing the net via Google Reader.

Have a nice day. May all my flood-swept neighbours be safe.

Here for your listening please, the incomparable Faithless and their famous track, Insomnia.This is the extended, album version.I wish I could afford the upgrade to mp3 – I would pay,if it was a one off,not a yearly fee. Cos what happens when you cannot pay – all your music vanishes!

Maxi was once asked “Do you ever get tired of playing Insomnia?”

“No,” he said. “It’s paid for my mortgage!”

So, all you stars out there, not dropping the BigTune your fans are waiting for, take note.


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  1. Kzinti says:

    Sony ganked the link. Dammit Sony!!!

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