Tambourine Lessons – Comixed


There’s  fifty/fifty split on Jimmy Page or Robert Plant, with a few dumbasses going for Girl.

Rock on Robert, sexiest man in Led Zep and still rather tasty now, all these years later. Seeing that picture reminds me of my youth – I think I was 13 when I first heard some Zepplin. Obviously not this performance!

Strongest memory for Stairway to Heaven was the Friday night discos at Kibbutz Ramot Menashe, where I spent nearly a year as a volunteer, aged 25. The DJ, whichever one it was, would always play this and all the Israeli guys would try to slow-dance. Like they hadn’t ever heard it before. It could get fraught – saying No could mean no more Mr Nice Guy, saying Yes meant an embarassing moment when the music went from slow to fast. I learnt to leave early.


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