Blood Test this Morning

Chemo on Friday, unless the tests say not.

Last night was a visit to my oncologist, with measurement of tumor shrinkage included. And thankfully it IS shrinking! So the chemo is working well, and I don’t need to change it. Which is good, as (apart from having no hair and being more tired than I have even been in my life) I am having no problem with this at all.

But the tiredness, that is killing!

Other things done recently – went to see Dave Gorman at the HMV Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Apollo. Normally, we would trek there on the tube – straightforward enough, walk to Rayners Lane or catch the bus to South Harrow, get the Picadilly line to Hammersmith, walk to the venue, reverse coming home, journey time 50 minutes.

However, Husband decided that the theatre was going to be full of diseaseĀ zombies who were just out to make me ill, and that the tube would be even fuller of disease zombies getting their germs right in my face, so he would drive us there.

Wow. Having the underground so easily available does make one forget that not ALL of London is miles away! 25 minutes, door to door (and we managed to park right outside the theatre, under the flyover!) – putting the Apollo much higher on List of Venues I Go To With Husband!

I was going to put a video of Dave Gorman doing Postcard, and another of Jay Foreman, support act at Hammersmith, here for your edification – but WordPress seems to not allow video linking anymore.


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2 Responses to Blood Test this Morning

  1. Redscylla says:

    Good for Husband! I agree that it was far better for you to avoid the germ-riddled zombie hordes. Hope the blood test has more good news.

  2. leendadll says:

    Video linking is still here. Pics and vid are now on one window. The default selection is pic. You have to switch the radio button to “video” to get the fields for that.

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