J Is For James


J Is For James

So – who is the sexiest Bond? I suspect it depends on your age – I still rather hanker for Moore, though Connery was pretty damn smooth. The rest have never really done it for me.

And which is your favourite Bond movie?  For me, it’s Moonraker.


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2 Responses to J Is For James

  1. Jemma says:

    My dad did some work on “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (I know… I Know…), but my favourite is actually “Live and Let Die”. Although I think that may be mainly because it was always on TV at Xmas when I was a kid 😉

    • bookmole says:

      Cor – what did he do? Ultra-cool if he was the Special Secret Advisor, but honestly having a Dad involved in any Bond film would have been cool as cool when I was a kid!

      And it’s true about the TV & Christmas connection – I am sure that is why I like The Great Escape.

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