Are We Still Worth Saving?


funny celebrity pictures - we mst convince him to continu to save us

My favourite Doctor, Tom Baker. Closely followed by Ecclestone, then Tennant.  But I am more used to seeing him like this than he looks now, even if he is with a dalek!

Ahhhh, This is better…

Such a cheeky smile!


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3 Responses to Are We Still Worth Saving?

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Ah, I think David Tennant is the better Dr. Tom Baker reminds of the character Willy Wonka.

    • bookmole says:

      I think it’s familiarity. He was just so so different from the doctors before him, and he was also much more physical.

      Tennant played a Doctor who was driven by guilt; Baker hit things. Sometimes, the simple things are good. Plus, of course, he played the role for seven years (that familiarity thing!)

      When Buffy finished, the kids were all “Yeah, really long. Seven seasons!”. They got a bit grumpy when I pointed out that Dr Who ran for 27, with one Dr doing seven seasons!

      • ryoko861 says:

        I do love the way each Dr. has their vice. Familiarity is definitely a key in which one you like most. I came in on the beginning with David Tennant. Saw some older episodes with Baker. Maybe because I felt sorry for The Doctor and his past.

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