Christmas Birthdays

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Christmas Birthdays

As someone whose birthday is on 3oth December, this IS my experience of  Christmas/birthday presents. For many years my parents and brother were the only ones who gave me presents for both.

Thankfully, Husband has never done this, even when the present was of a size that could easily have been a dual gift (eg, the year he bought me a brand new computer).

When I was  giving birth to my daughter (born on 29th December, thankfully!) and all the nurses were asking “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new baby for a birthday present?” I just thought no freaking way mate, and pushed harder and harder to get the child OUT! My Aunt had a late baby on her 40th birthday, and never really celebrated her own birthday again.

And, speaking as a 55, nearly 56, year old, I still want my birthdays to count. In fact, they should count more – I have less of them to look forward to!


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2 Responses to Christmas Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday to YOU and your daughter!
    My birthday s on the 6th of January so I don’t always get 1 gift for both Holidays (yes my birthday counts as a holiday) but I get at least 3 calenders every year for my birthday.

    I’ve never understood why people think that birthdays get less important the older people get. That day was forever changed because (me, you, someone) was born on that day… it should be celebrated!!!

  2. Kzinti says:

    Mine is the 17th, so I definitely hear you. Only mine seemed to get lost in the pre-Christmas rush.

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