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demotivational posters - TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT

I think this is like Sleeveface.

What do you think?

Cutting Edge


demotivational posters - CUTTING EDGE

Yes,  I do. I miss them good old days!

The Atlas Detector @ Cern

Is Tecnology Ruining YOUR Marriage?

Husband decided there was no way he was getting a Blackberry. And, having read this, I am glad. I would much rather he played with his Tom-Tom!
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As the wife of a BlackBerry addict, I tried three ways to wean my husband off his new mate. See how we reconnected.

My husband is addicted to his BlackBerry. He uses it while he drives, while he watches TV, and, worst of all, while I’m talking. And believe me, he is no multitasker. The other morning I woke up thinking there was a mouse nibbling on something, but it was just my husband sending emails from bed. Funny, yes. Could I let it continue? No

Plan 1: No Crack in the Bedroom

The Verdict: This helped, but not enough. I was still cuddling with DHandBB on the couch at night

Plan 2: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Verdict:This was a great start, and it’s a solution I could live with.

Plan 3: Designated Hours

The Verdict: This was a little harder. 

Final Verdict: The best idea was designated hours, but the real benefit of this experiment was talking openly about DH’s CrackBerry addiction.

But after we talked about fixing the problem, he suddenly realized it was a problem.

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