I Don’t Think So…

The Gladiator turned to the Princess.  Get your knickers off, he chortled, I’m gonna bugger you.  <evil cackle>

And that is why we had to kill the Gladiator.  He was abusive, foul-mouthed, evil beyond measure.  He buggered his followers, he abused the corpses of the dead he created, and he confounded the existence of a God.

And that was how Husband chose to play him.

So most of the game was spent chasing the Gladiator.  He became strong quickly, killing animals and humans flamboyantly, training his followers to fight on his behalf, beating them when this wasn’t enough and he lost his battle.  He accumulated magic items, the best of which was The Rune Sword.  Kill something with that, and you drain their life force, adding it to your own.  He was winning the game, becoming harder and harder to kill, but losing hearts and minds.

Even his partner hated him, and would have become a Warrior of Light, but for meeting Mephistopheles, whose response to meeting anyone is to turn them to The Dark Side, or reward them with wisdom be they Dark already.

So we Warriors of Light pursued the Gladiator endlessly.  Every time we got a spell, it would be cast to his detriment.  We destroyed his followers and his magic items one by one, and gradually became stronger ourselves.  It was an epic war, and the Soldiers of the Dark fought back, with bravery and with arrogance.

But we won.  By trickery and deception, in the end, but triumphant.  A Geas was laid on us all, to go to the Tavern and there Dice with Fortune.  The Warriors of Light had been, and those fighting on The Dark Side had yet to go.  So we moved a demon from the underworld there, one they had no hope of fighting, and let them be.  Let life itself kill them, we said, we have defeated evil for good.

But – were we better?

Catch Up Post from a Busy Bookmole

Haven't posted for a while – and I have been doing things!

Went to see Faithless again at Wembley.  They were massive!  Just made it in time, due to the extra long queue to get into the standing area, general incompetence of the staff and the fact I needed to wee before leaping up and down for two hours…

I have also managed to purchase the live CD courtesy of Concert Live.   I didn’t manage to order beforehand, or after the show, but did get one of the 1,000 available the next day.  Delivery in 10 working days, so will post a few tracks when it has arrived.

Kay just bounced – for two hours, she was a whirling dervish!  This guy would not believe all she had taken was Red Bull.  That's a caffeine drink, advertised as Red Bull gives you Wings.  In this case, it was Red Bull gives you Springs!

Walking home was a trial on the legs, but we made it safely.  And before midnight – that's the good thing about Wembley – it finishes early because it is in a residential area, and it is only half-a-dozen stops away on the Tube. 

Heidi is settling in well, but I still cannot let her off-lead in the park, as her nose takes over her ears.  She just will not recall.  Gonna have to find what pushes her button on that one!

She is all nose.  Metaphorically speaking, that is.  We go for a walk, she has her head down, following her nose.  Not interested in treats, not interested in Good Heidi, not interested in much else except other dogs. 

Had a row with our neighbours-from-hell over Eldest and Middle Son throwing fag ends into their garden.  I am angry with the lads for doing it and, had I been told what was happening, steps would have been taken to bring the habit to a stop.  However, it did not pan out that way. 

I was sitting sorting washing when Bitch Woman goes down her garden path, shrieking about this filthy habit, and how she does not even smoke so why should she have to put up with it and how she hates us as much as we hate her and how she is going to phone the police.  All this as though to someone else.  And I know she thinks I am involved when I do not even smoke cigarettes myself!  So we shrieked at Eldest and Middle Son for giving NFH a reason to shout at me that I had no defence against.  It still rankles, days later.

LittleMissT and Watford Boy were round on Saturday night.  They had take-away curry, so we joined them in samosas, salad and onion bhaji – rather yummy, even if we had already eaten.  Then there was drinking and chatting and listening to music.  A very pleasant evening was had.

School and college and University are now all out for the Easter break, so I have teenage louts hanging round the house, leaving at odd hours and never being home for meals.  Makes planning a little bit complicated!

LittleMissT and myself hiding from the photographer (the balaclava to terrorise old ladies with belongs to – yes, you guessed it – Youngest!  I took it from his bedroom when I was sorting shit out.  He has not asked for it back yet, so I thought I would amuse myself and my Voxy friends!)

LittleMissT Hiding from The PhotographerBookmole is Dangerous...

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

It has been a lazy day so far.  Got up at 11.30'ish (teens do have their upsides, and not having an early morning feed or requiring supervision are two of them!) had leftover soup and a baguette for breakfast. 

Then, as I surveyed the kitchen, I realised two things:  it was a good job we bought loads of pizza yesterday, and teenage boys just never, ever clear up after themselves.

And just how many teenage boys do you think we had in the house last night. 
We started out with Eldest Son, who decided to stay in, IMi'ng and playing his guitar, and playing his music with Middle Son complaining about his taste. 

Then, at about 11.30, Middle Son came home with a ragtag collection of friends – Musketeers 1 & 2, plus a very large (tall and wide) lad from Somalia, whose name I forget now, and another lad, whose name I also forget, but who I shall eternally remember as very polite – he said thank you for letting us come here at least twice, and then once again when I decided to call it a night and toddle off to bed. 

It was Musketeer's birthday on Friday, and the lads had decided to congregate in the front room here, watch some footie, drink Jack & Coke, and have fun.  Cheaper than a club, warmer than street corners, and with the added benefits of flushing toilets and a fridge/freezer full of food. 

Gave up on waiting for Youngest, who was out with friends, also celebrating a birthday and last heard of in a Chinese restaurant in Ruislip. 

Apparently, he got in around 2, unaccompanied this time, and went straight to bed.  The other mob were up most of the night, drinking, smoking, falling asleep, waking up, drinking some more, watching endless Sky Soccer News interspersed with Bravo (naked ladies) and Men & Motors (more naked ladies).  I think they forget that we can see what they are watching on the TV in our bedroom, which hooks up to the SkyPlus box, and which we can control from our bed.  Luxury.  On demand TV and an en-suite.

Now I have to clean the kitchen, cook a dinner for six and then relax.  Doubt I'll manage the relaxing, but the dinner should be OK – even if I do have to cater for 1 veggie, 1 non-beef eater, and 2 prefer not to eat roast beef.  Which is what we have.  So I suspect jacket potato and pot-roast beef for the adults, oven chips and burger for Eldest and Middle Son, and veggie burger and oven chips for veggie and non-beef eating child.  The joys of catering sometimes escape me!

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Nothing to do today…

This is what we were doing last night:

D&D for Dummies.  Or for people who have lost touch with their other D&D buddies over the years and no longer have the time (or the inclination) to set up a campaign again.  You choose.
Me, I go for the Dummies.


And we were probably listening to something like this:

I have ten mixes of this track (Husband’s fave) and it tops the Most Played list (when you count all all the mix plays together) so thought I would not post the Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix (comes in at 10.42 secs of beautiful music),And we were having a few drinks. 

And Husband was getting up at 5.00 am to go to this Stoney diving centre place – he is a nutter!