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I was heading out to the backyard this morning, when I saw the neighbor that lives in the house behind ours in my yard. He was putting leaves from one of my plants in a shopping bag. I yelled, “Hey!” and he grabbed another plant and stripped it up, taking all the leaves off. By the time I got outside, he had done two more plants and shoved all the leaves into his bag. By the time I got halfway to him, he ran off, carrying the bag.

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Squeaky Clean…

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That sound you can hear? That is my jaw hitting the desk. I think What the Fuck is too tame for an Enema Brooch! Gotta say, that is some mighty fine detailing there…

And I heartily recommend Regretsy. I found it through the marvellous Leenda and I read it avidly – I am even a Facebook Fan! For the finds like this and the bitingly sarcastic, irreverent and plain old WOW! comments.