I Support What, Who and When I Like

<start rant>I have been flamed.  Some twat, who is not, and never will be, in my neighbourhood and whose comments are immediately deleted, has decided that a) gay marriage will bring about the downfall of modern American civilization and b) my support of homosexuality means I will burn in hell and c) that needs to be dealt with.  By the same twat.

Oh go fuck yourself.

At least hell will be warm and have interesting people in it.  Honestly, if Heaven is going to be full of people like the Phelps, or Miss Twat, or bible-loving, minutiae-seeking BORING fucks, I wanna go to hell. 

But as I  believe in Hell was devised by man as a means of keeping peons under control, and Heaven likewise, Twat's aims are pointless.  <end rant>

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QotD: Daylight Saving Time Rant

Love it or hate it, many of you lost an hour of sleep last night due to Daylight Saving Time? Worth It? Do you like it more/less now that Daylight Saving Time occurs earlier (and later) in the year?

D'ya know what, along with the majority of the world, I lost no sleep.  My DST happens at the end of the month.  Plus I already had Mother's Day, so when you ask about that, it will not be relevant either. 

In fact, I went here.  This page has a table of when various countries' clocks change for DST.  North America & Canada are the only places where it happens on the Second Sunday in March**.  Oh, and also the First Sunday in April?  What, one date a year is not enough?

Clocks go back in October.  When're yours going back, so I can remember to suggest it for a future QotD?

** In Paraguay, DST ends on the Second Sunday in March. 

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I am now royally pissed.  I have just spent/wasted an hour trying to re / install the software to enable me to get photos off my mobile – I took three pics last night, watching Pink, and wanted to add them to the Pink Post.  But no – the disc wouldn’t read, the software installer didn’t work, then it couldn’t tell which phone I had – much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair.

Annoyingly, it means I will have to wait until Husband or Youngest comes home and helps.  How fucking irritating is that – I hate it when I fall into the Helpless Woman category, specially when it comes to technical stuff.