Aahhh, football…

It is so fickle a game.

Yesterday ManU lost 1-0 to ManCity in a bitter Derby* battle. Not good in this household with Husband a staunch supporter all his life, born only 2 miles from the ground and his sons supporting their father’s team.

My team, the lowly and generally “regarded as a joke” team, Birmingham City, won yesterday, thus increasing their chances of staying in the premier league this season.

And today. Today was Arsenal v Liverpool, a most stupendously boring game with nil points on the board. Most stupendously boring for the first 90 minutes of the match. That was going to change in the last 12. Yes. 8 minutes of extra time due to injury translated to 12 minutes of time being played.

Arsenal are given a penalty in the 98th minute of play, and score.

We think it’s all over. BUT Liverpool are given a 102nd minute penalty to equalise, this giving each team one point, rather than the three points got for actually winning, increasing United’s lead and making their title to throw away.

And this is MiddleSon’s current Facebook status: