Ain’t That The Truth!

Now Bobby is a man who listened to his Mamma, and not to his Teacher!

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Which Would You Pick?

Angry BBQ?

or slightly less pissed off really quite happy BBQ?

I love how Happy BBQ has some real cool shades…

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Another Meme – Colour Ways

dee again.  She loves her memes, does Dee!

Time to kill some boredom! 🙂



Closest red thing to you?
The writing on my Digital Photo magazine.  I am trying to learn how to use my camera properly..

Last thing to make you angry?
Husband.  Children.  Tony Blair.  No particular order.

Do you have a temper?:
Yes.  Oh yes.  I once had an argument with Daughter and slapped her face so hard I knocked her earring out.  Not proud of that.  VERY not proud of that.  In my defence, she was really riding those teenage hormones.

Are you a fan of romance?
No.  Well, depends.  If you made me read a Mills and Boon book I would probably puke my dinner into my lap.  But there are romances out there that are good.  I just can't think of one right now!


Closest orange thing to you?
Cream Anthems 2000 CD cover.  Must get the discs out of the car.  Well, I did, but they were the wrong ones.  So now I have a set of CDs with a missing cover.  Maybe the missing CDs are in the missing cover?  Hunt time coming up.

Do you like to burn things?
What are we asking here?  Do I like to burn things that are rubbish, make a big bonfire – yup, love that one.  Specially in autumn, frosty smell mingling with smoke = yummy.  Do I like to destroy people's stuff – no way!

Dress up for Halloween?
No.  Kids sorta did, now they just want to go out, get drunk and have a good time.  It's not such a big thing over here, and most parents are trying to keep it that way.

Are you usually a warm-hearted person?:
Body temperature is normal, so I guess my heart is too.  What?  That's not what you meant?  Generous, kind-hearted – sometimes. 

Do you have anything against redheaded people?
I have never understood the prejudice against red heads.  When I was younger, my best friend had the most amazing ginger hair and I would have died for it.  I love that colour, that you cannot get from any bottle.  Redheads and bearded men – what is it with people?

Are you usually full of energy?
No.  Getting too old and too fat.  Can / am changing the fattiness, maybe I will be more energetic then…  we can but hope!


Closest yellow thing to you?
My birthday crown.  Well, it’s gold.

The happiest time[s] of your life?:
Right now.  There are many reasons not to live in the past.  Plus I had sex this morning.  Go away now.

Favourite holiday?
Is this favourite holiday season or the best time I had on holiday?  Cos holiday seasons suck.  Best holiday – Malaysia.  Three weeks of unremitting luxury.  God, that was good.

Are you a coward?
Yes and no.  I don't fear pain, and have quite a high threshold.  If things are really bad, I am very quiet about it, but if I am whinging, it probably aint that had.  Morally I try to stand up for what I believe in.  I fear looking and feeling a prat, so will avoid situations where I will be embarassed.

Do you burn or tan?
Tan.  If I burn, it then tans. But why is this in Yellow and not Orange?


Closest orange thing to you?
the scarf I wore yesterday, thrown on the sofa and not put away.

Do you care about the environment?
Yes.  Who doesn't, really.

Are you jealous of anyone right now?

Are you a lucky person?
Maybe.  Define lucky.  My children are healthy, if layabouts.  Husband works hard and loves me dearly, even if he is a bit of a noodle.  I have reached my fifties with most of my parts intact and without major falling apart-ness.  So yes, I am lucky.

Do you always want what you can't have?
Mostly no.  But sometimes.  I mean, I would love a sports car, a big, fast red bugger, and I don't even drive!  Oh, and once, last year, I had to keep going past a building site and they had a mini JCB – it was just like a big one, only tiny and clean and red.  I suddenly realised why rich people buy things just because they can – I lusted after this baby JCB even though I had absolutely no use for it, nor anywhere to put it.  I just wanted it, no ryhme or reason, just desire to have.

Do you like being outdoors?
Yes, any time of the year.  Except cold rain.  That sucks.  And even that is OK if you are on your way home, where you can get dry and warm.

Are you Irish?


Closest blue thing to you?
My skirt.

Are you good at calming people down?

Do you like the sea?
Love it.  Want to live by the sea when we have grown these kids and kicked them out.  Ten years.  That's the plan.

What was the last thing that made you cry?
My friend Kay is looking out for a dog for me, and she sends me mails with dogs that need rescuing.  There was one, called Polly.  She is a corgi, about 5 years old.  Reason for needing a new home – her owner went into hospital and never came out.  Damn.  But  I really don't want such a small dog.

Are you a logical thinker?
No.  Intuition and great leaps all over the place, that's me!

Can you sleep easily?
Yes.  It's cos I snore.  A bit.  All snorers fall asleep before non-snorers, it is a fact of nature.


Closest purple thing to you?
My bra.

Like being treated to expensive things?
I like being treated.  Expensive or cheap things.  Thoughtful things is what I really like being treated to, something that shows the person knows me

Do you like mysterious things?

Favourite type of chocolate?
I do not like chocolate.  At all.  Maybe 1 small bar a year.

Ever met anyone in royalty?
No.  But I dreamt I married Prince Charles once.

Are you creative?
I can make a meal out of scraps.  And it will be good.  That is creative.


Closest pink thing to you?
The jewels in my birthday crown.

Do you like sweet things?:

Like play-fighting?:
Ok, I am flummoxed.  Why is this in Pink?  Am I missing some deep, cultural reference here.  All I can think of is Pretty in Pink which aint helpful cos I never watched it!

Are you sensitive?:
My teeth are.  I cannot stand my feet being touched.  And sometimes I am very aware of what you are thinking or feeling, and sometimes I trample all over those little feelings without noticing they are there.  Sorry.

Do you like music?:
Yes, a lot.

White (if I made it white, you couldn't read it…so it's light grey)

Closest white thing to you?: A piece of paper.

Would you say you're innocent?:
You're innocent..

Are you good at keeping the peace?:

How do you imagine your wedding?
am married.  So I have to imagine someone else's wedding.  Now that's bloody hard.  No, not gonna do it.

Do you like to play in the snow?
Yes, yes and yes.  Provided I am not Sick, I Tell You, Sick, of course.  Not going there again.

Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist?: Yes.  Dentist.  But I still drag myself along when I am in pain.  See my post about gum disease if you want to know why that is a bad idea!  


Closest black thing to you?: My Olympus camera.  Used to belong to Daughter, now it belongs to me.  And I appreciate it more than she did.  She could probably use it better though.  But I am learning!.

Ever enjoy hurting people?: Some of these questions are just a little – how shall I say this – sick.  First burning, now hurting.  I could be in a Dom/Sub relationship, I suppose, but I would have to be the Sub part – so I couldn’t even hurt someone who wanted it.  I suppose emotionally, in anger, I might say hurtful things.  No, scrub that – I do say hurtful things.  But I forget them very quickly – shame that the person I say them to might not be quite so forgiving…

Are you sophisticated or silly?
Silly.  Why would anyone want to be sophisticated anyway (mind flashes to scene of Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold The Terminator Man doing a tango in True Lies – oh I see!).

Would you like to go to space?
Yes.  Do you have tickets or are you just raising my hopes falsely.

Do you have a lot of secrets?
Well, if I told you they would not be secrets. 

What is your favourite colour?
Red.  Bright, vibrant, sexy red. 

Does the colour you wear affect your mood?
Not sure, really.  Probably.  More the way the clothes feel than how they look anyway; else why would some people wear the things they do, if they could see what they really looked like.

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