I Don’t Think So…

The Gladiator turned to the Princess.  Get your knickers off, he chortled, I’m gonna bugger you.  <evil cackle>

And that is why we had to kill the Gladiator.  He was abusive, foul-mouthed, evil beyond measure.  He buggered his followers, he abused the corpses of the dead he created, and he confounded the existence of a God.

And that was how Husband chose to play him.

So most of the game was spent chasing the Gladiator.  He became strong quickly, killing animals and humans flamboyantly, training his followers to fight on his behalf, beating them when this wasn’t enough and he lost his battle.  He accumulated magic items, the best of which was The Rune Sword.  Kill something with that, and you drain their life force, adding it to your own.  He was winning the game, becoming harder and harder to kill, but losing hearts and minds.

Even his partner hated him, and would have become a Warrior of Light, but for meeting Mephistopheles, whose response to meeting anyone is to turn them to The Dark Side, or reward them with wisdom be they Dark already.

So we Warriors of Light pursued the Gladiator endlessly.  Every time we got a spell, it would be cast to his detriment.  We destroyed his followers and his magic items one by one, and gradually became stronger ourselves.  It was an epic war, and the Soldiers of the Dark fought back, with bravery and with arrogance.

But we won.  By trickery and deception, in the end, but triumphant.  A Geas was laid on us all, to go to the Tavern and there Dice with Fortune.  The Warriors of Light had been, and those fighting on The Dark Side had yet to go.  So we moved a demon from the underworld there, one they had no hope of fighting, and let them be.  Let life itself kill them, we said, we have defeated evil for good.

But – were we better?