Normal Service will be resumed shortly…

I am alive! Go me!

Chemo is all over, thank fuck. I have never in my life been so tired.

Radiotherapy is now all over. I have a left boob that looks like a tomato and itches like crazy. Not complaining, just sayin…

Now on Anastrozole for the next five years. Bonus – all drugs for the next five years are FREE! Yay the NHS! I thought it would just be the cancer drugs that I would get free but no – anything prescribed in the next five years I get for nothing (well, I get from the money I have already paid in taxes and National Insurance cos after all nothing in life is really free!)

Gotta get a hair cut. I know this may seem odd, given most of it is only 1/2″ long, but – most of my hair fell out, but not all. So some is 1/2″ and some is 1/4″. I have waves. It looks shingled. Do Not Like. So gonna get someone to buzz it shorter.

Brain freeze is wearing off, and summer (with subsequent rise in feel-goodness) is on its way. I feel happy and glad and grateful. Life is good, and I am gonna make it stay that way!