A Clutch of Comics Doing Funny Stuff

They may have been a One Hit Wonder, Maggie, but they are still going strong and are well loved here.  As shown by this parody, done for Comic Relief 2007.

The Peter Kay character is from Phoenix Nights, a dark comedy set in the north of England.  Here is the beginning of Episode 1, Series 1.  It seems like most of it is there, if you decide you like it.  Peter Kay is just fabulous as a comedian, and I loved Phoenix Nights.

Matt Lucas has many faces.  Here he is part of Andy and Lou.  Matt and David Walliams wrote and produced Little Britain, a big hit here in the UK.  And maybe abroad – I dunno, cos I was never struck much on it.  However, all those people cannot possibly be wrong, can they?  So here are Andy and Lou on a Blind Date.

And, because I started with a Comic Relief sketch, here is the best one from this year.  David Tennant and Catherine Tate. 

Catherine has come into a lot of stick for this character, with people saying it encourages children to behave this way.  I dunno.  I just wished I had Whatever and Am I bovvered? in my vocabulary back in the days when I was a teen.  God. 

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Best TV

Avid SF fan, and I do mean avid. 

Blake's 7 – corny as hell, but it did have Avon, the bad man I wanted to change, in black studded leather.

Dr Who – even more corny as hell, but at 26 (or was it 27) series originally, knocked Buffy and Angel in the longevity stakes.  New series just amazing – Christoper Eccleston was a good choice, and David Tennant an even better one.

Star Trek – Cliched, but good.  DS9 was the best, then Generations – who did not lust after Picard?  I would have made it so, any time.

Babylon 5 – I have now watched this entire 5 season show 5 times, 4 completely and once missing about half of Seasons 1 & 2, before I got hooked (and before I got Sky+).

Coupling – just the funniest thing ever.  And Two Pints of Lager & A Packet ot Crisps – second funniest.  Not forgetting I Deal with Johny Vegas – sorry all you non-Brits out there, you will just have to take my word for it.  No, don't take my word – get out there, search for them, watch them – then you can come back and let me know what you think!

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