Here be Dragons.

And Dungeons.

Great video, reminds me why I loved to play, before the kids came along. Maybe I should look for a group round here…

Help, My Half-Elf Is Pregnant!


If you’re into D&D you’ll like this.

If you’re just into seeing how daft humans are, and how inventive, you’ll like this.

There’s also a searchable archive.

Nothing to do today…

This is what we were doing last night:

D&D for Dummies.  Or for people who have lost touch with their other D&D buddies over the years and no longer have the time (or the inclination) to set up a campaign again.  You choose.
Me, I go for the Dummies.


And we were probably listening to something like this:

I have ten mixes of this track (Husband’s fave) and it tops the Most Played list (when you count all all the mix plays together) so thought I would not post the Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix (comes in at 10.42 secs of beautiful music),And we were having a few drinks. 

And Husband was getting up at 5.00 am to go to this Stoney diving centre place – he is a nutter!