Normal Service will be resumed shortly…

I am alive! Go me!

Chemo is all over, thank fuck. I have never in my life been so tired.

Radiotherapy is now all over. I have a left boob that looks like a tomato and itches like crazy. Not complaining, just sayin…

Now on Anastrozole for the next five years. Bonus – all drugs for the next five years are FREE! Yay the NHS! I thought it would just be the cancer drugs that I would get free but no – anything prescribed in the next five years I get for nothing (well, I get from the money I have already paid in taxes and National Insurance cos after all nothing in life is really free!)

Gotta get a hair cut. I know this may seem odd, given most of it is only 1/2″ long, but – most of my hair fell out, but not all. So some is 1/2″ and some is 1/4″. I have waves. It looks shingled. Do Not Like. So gonna get someone to buzz it shorter.

Brain freeze is wearing off, and summer (with subsequent rise in feel-goodness) is on its way. I feel happy and glad and grateful. Life is good, and I am gonna make it stay that way!


Chemo #2

Second course of chemo has now been done. Back to sleeping 12 hours a night! Hair loss almost complete – I have a head that looks fuzzy and rather nekkid.  Also got a mouth ulcer – was hoping to skip that particular side effect!

Otherwise life is fine. I am reading a lot (when I am actually awake, anyway!), sleeping a great deal and not suffering any loss of appetite. Which I actually wanted. I mean, I am four stone overweight – cancer treatment is supposed to make you bald and skinny, innit? Not in my case – I have had no change in taste and have an increased appetite – which Daughter says is good and that I will have lots of reserve to fight the cancer with – I suppose she is right. Damn her!

She did ask what I intended to do on my birthday – Sleep, I told her, Sleep and maybe get a little drunk.

Reasons for My Absence, Part 1

List of things I have not blogged about this year:

Going to see Faithless for the last time

Getting off the tube 10 miles from home in freezing cold weather by mistake and having to get a cab @ 50 fucking English pounds

Going to a whiskey festival in Brighton,

Uttering words Husband has never heard me say. I must stop drinking whiskey now, they all taste the same,

Seeing Dave Gorman at Hoxton Hall, and getting heckled – isn’t that what they call it when the comedian tells you she likes your shoes?

Meeting Dave Gorman at the signing of his book, Dave Gorman vs The Rest of The World,

Telling Dave Gorman off for calling me Madam (his reply – his mother bought him up well – made me feel crass)

Seeing Ray Davies’ performance at this year’s Meltdown festival, performing the whole of Village Green with a full Orchestra and a Choir was pretty fucking stunning. Then he rocked for another two hours – not back for a guy of coming up 70.

Swanage was a good weekend – walked to Old Harry Rocks, found a Beer Festival and searched Swanage for a decent whiskey then for glasses to drink from. Our B&B only provided one water glass, and shot glasses seem an endangered species in Dorset.

Having a good lunch in a vegan cocktail bar; again in Brighton.

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

It’s a fucking bugger, that last one.

Contained. Treatable. Cancer.

It has sort of taken over my life, so apologies for not being around.