Star Wars Dance Off

** Edited to add – if you haven’t watched them, and some say they are not available, they are if you to my video page.  Same goes almost anywhere in Vox.  God knows why it happens.  But nine times out of ten, if a video says it is no longer available, it is on the vids page.  Anyone from Vox know why that happens?

And other strangenesses.  I expect you know I am a Star Trek nerd.  But I am also a Star Wars nerd.  And a Dr Who, Blake 7 and Andromeda nerd.  In fact, just call me SFNerd, and you will be right.

Nicely done.  But it is part of the 2008 Star Wars Weekends Hyperspace Hoopla show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  So you would expect professionalism.

I picked this one for the added bonus of Captain Jack doing the singing.  Not a bad voice, Jack. Not bad at all!

This has the advantage of not only having Janeway & Seven having sex (though not on screen) but talking sexily in French.

And I know I have already posted about Blake’s 7.  Well, fuck Blake.  He was a blancmange.  With bad hair.  But there is only one Avon.  Him of the black leather and studs, the one off sardonic line and the sex appeal.

So, I hope I have managed to happily waste 20 minutes of your time. 

You will address me properly now… User Test: The Trekkie Test.

I am a Star Trek fan.  I have watched all of the episodes at least once.  Some a lot.  Fave series – Next Generation, cos Picard rocks, or Voyager after Seven of Nine arrived.  Least fave – The Original Series – god, Shatner was dreadful 

But still, I am a Trekkie.  A bit of a quiet Trekkie.  But a Trekkie all the same.

Must go and find a Dr Who quiz and see if I do better on that.  Or Blake's 7.  Now there was a SF series with the best bad good guy ever.   Oh, Avon -  I wanted to melt your heart, show you that not all women were Anna Grant.

Go here to find out about Blake's 7 (or find out more). 

Maybe I just need to find a Science Fiction meme. 

My mission, should I choose to accept it, will be to find the Ultimate Science Fiction Meme. 

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Best TV

Avid SF fan, and I do mean avid. 

Blake's 7 – corny as hell, but it did have Avon, the bad man I wanted to change, in black studded leather.

Dr Who – even more corny as hell, but at 26 (or was it 27) series originally, knocked Buffy and Angel in the longevity stakes.  New series just amazing – Christoper Eccleston was a good choice, and David Tennant an even better one.

Star Trek – Cliched, but good.  DS9 was the best, then Generations – who did not lust after Picard?  I would have made it so, any time.

Babylon 5 – I have now watched this entire 5 season show 5 times, 4 completely and once missing about half of Seasons 1 & 2, before I got hooked (and before I got Sky+).

Coupling – just the funniest thing ever.  And Two Pints of Lager & A Packet ot Crisps – second funniest.  Not forgetting I Deal with Johny Vegas – sorry all you non-Brits out there, you will just have to take my word for it.  No, don't take my word – get out there, search for them, watch them – then you can come back and let me know what you think!

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