Only in The Daily Mail…

Came across this article today – sorry, was pointed at this article (I do not want you to think I actually read the Daily Mail!)

Easy life: Jayne admits it’s a bit lazy to keep pushing son Oscar around but it is more convenient for her. And he is a big lad, isn’t he!

buggy 1

And it got me thinking.

Not one of those parents mentioned the only reason for still having a buggy when your child is 3+ and fully capable of walking. SHOPPING. I walked my kids everywhere, which was interesting to do and healthy as well. but still had the pram or the buggy, so that they when got tired (which they do, no matter how fit and used to walking they are!) they could rest, and I had something to hang the picnic / shopping / whatever on.

Judgemental much? There’s even – of course – a tumblr about it.

I really missed the buggy when they were all at school, so I graduated to a ‘granny wagon’ aka a wheeled shopping trolley, and so many people told me that I was ‘too young’ to use one of those! I used to thank them, and still wonder why it is better to carry lots of bags in your hands than push a four-wheeled trolley?

What I really, really hate are those huge buggys that parents use. Size of a small car, capacity for one child. On the bus, unfolded. And then I get told to move my trolley! No way. I can’t fold mine, you can. Deal with it.

Getting a sholley next. Is the next best thing to a walking frame, with capacity. Go for the best, I say!


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3 Responses to Only in The Daily Mail…

  1. Redscylla says:

    Ha! I totally read the Daily Mail, cuz where else would I fill my need for junk news? As for buggies, I think it must be better than my childhood. We never had a buggy & even if you got tired you had to walk or get smacked.

  2. bookmole says:

    Notice that I didn’t say I don’t read the Daily Mail… It’s just, I never set out to read it. But when a link leads there, suddenly half a day has passed, and I’m still clicking links…

  3. leendadll says:

    I got a former friend a “sholley” back when I believed he really had cancer (which turned out to be a big fucking lie).

    I don’t read The Daily Mail.. I ready the Orange News Quirkies online

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