Vox Hunt: Fashion Police

Vox Hunt: Show us a fashion trend that you hope goes out of style ASAP.

You had to ask!

in Third Place there’s the Harem Pant in all its glory:

in Second Place, there are Shants.  Or Shresses.  Whatever.

And what happens when you put Harem Pants and Shanty Shresses together?
You get First Place, that’s what you get.

All photos from my favourite fashion site, The Fashion Police, keeping people aware of disaster before they buy it.


And hopefully I never, ever come across someone actually wearing the Harem Shant.  Unless they are extremely fit, young, healthy and at a fancy dress party as Jeannie of the Lamp.

And today, three wow, no, SIX years after this post was originally published (August 20, 2008), someone HaremPantsLover on Flick favourited this photo. Proof right here.

I guess it really does take all sorts.


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6 Responses to Vox Hunt: Fashion Police

  1. mad-tante says:

    I keep seeing women "rolling" up their jeans/ trousers but like…the fold is about 10 inches deep? I don't know what they call that but it looks completely stoopid. Of course I used to wear safety pins in my ears so I probably shouldn't talk.

  2. Saima Says says:

    I'd have to second the Harem Pants hate…why would an adult want to look like they're wearing a wet nappy?!

  3. Bookmole says:

    I can only think it is because they are victims of the Gotta Keep Up syndrome. They surely cannot think it looks good. I feel sorry for the models – you can see pain in their faces.

  4. Jenn F. says:

    holy shit. I can't really come up with anything else to say, really, because, you know, YIKES.

  5. Purplesque says:

    Lol..thats exactly what I was thinking..hey, those harem shants would look good on Jeannie.But harem pants in camouflage? Wonder what you are camouflaging…

  6. Jane says:

    lol – M.C. Hammer pants. I tried on a pair of the tailored style recently and I almost wet myself laughing in the changeroom. I really can’t imagine them being flattering on anyone. It’s sort of like wearing a big nappy.

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