Whisky, Whisky and Even More Whisky!

Friday went down to Brighton. Stayed at the Downs Hotel, which is really a pub with Bed and Breakfast facilities, and a restaurant most evenings. Thankfully, it was not as loud as when we last stayed there.

We were down in Brighton for The Whiskey Festival. £20 for a ticket gets one a tasting glass, bottle of water, two free tokens for extra-special tastings, and the opportunity to taste as many whiskies as you can whilst remaining upright.

Balcones were there, and a heap of Islay malts.

Husband got to taste some before we even went in! We were just sitting on the front, taking snaps of the derelict wreck that is the West Pier, when three guys came out waving a bottle and a camera. After failing to take selfies that managed to get them all in, they ask him if he would take some. So he did. Then they asked him “Do you like whiskey?” Does a bear shit in the woods, is the pope catholic? So he got a very large slug of Talisker Storm, a new whiskey Talisker are promoting. Not struck myself, but I like big-bodied, smoky, peaty inyourfuckingface whiskies, and it just wasn’t that.

So, after consuming enough tastes to amount to well over half a bottle, we stumbled back to the bus stop, caught the bus, and went back for an afternoon nap.

Then we woke up, all refreshed if still slightly drunk, and went back to Brighton for dinner. Went to English’s, where I had 6 oysters, fish soup, 6 more oysters (I like oysters a lot!), chocolate and raspberry desert and an Irish coffee, accompanied by a bottle of Pinot Grigio. YUM!

Then found a cocktail bar. I think we only had four… but it might have been five or six, I lost count.

Sunday we just pootled. Went to Eastbourne, had a Victorian Tea Party on the pier, and drove home via Upper Dicker. Good times.

I think I have gained a stone, and killed my liver. But it was fun!


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6 Responses to Whisky, Whisky and Even More Whisky!

  1. leendadll says:

    I hope to follow your example at the San Diego Bacon Festival in August. They’ve already announced bacon beer, bacon vodka, bacon bloody marys with mini cheeseburgers as garnish, and bacon moonshine. I’m taking the train!

  2. bookmole says:

    Taking the train is a good idea – that’s partly why we pootled on Sunday. Hubs did not want to drive fast roads while still over the limit. Another eight hours and some food later, he felt much safer!

    • leendadll says:

      the bacon fest just announced a hotel special. i might employ both options.

      • bookmole says:

        Good idea. When we were at the Whiskeyfest, we met a guy who was staying at that hotel, so only had to stumble to a life. I envied him twice that day – catching buses when drunk is one step away from disaster.

  3. Redscylla says:

    I don’t even like whiskey and this sounds like a total delight. And I have to agree, having done the bus trip to wine tasting with Kzinti, staying in town for the wine tasting would be so much better. None of this having to be carted around.

    • bookmole says:

      It’s odd that you mention the wine tasting, as today, twitter said to me “Do you know Kzinti?) and I said “Well, yes I do!” and ended up on his blog, re-reading that very post.

      Co-incidence? I don’t think so… (cue x-files music and the lights dimming)

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