Today, April 2 2013, our mortgage is officially paid off.

25 years ago, we moved in here with a 15 month old daughter and 2-week old twin boys. This day, then, seemed sooooo fucking far away, it’s hard to believe it has actually arrived.

I am going to be getting the endowment cheque – it comes to about £12,000, which is enough to done get the work on the house that needs doing.

Also, I will get either a decent point-and-shoot, or a good smartphone (leaning towards a Lumia 920) and Husband is going to get a Mac.

So, now we need to start putting extra away for retirement…


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8 Responses to Woot!!!

  1. Redscylla says:


    That’s got to be the best feeling. Congrats! And enjoy your bonus $$!

  2. Jane says:

    Isn’t it the best feeling!! We paid off ours last year and it was such a relief. I always felt so bad in the early years getting those bank statements and seeing that huge balance owing on them but I really worked hard at putting every cent I could into it. Like you now I’m just banking my money away for a few years.

  3. leendadll says:


    What’s an endowment cheque? An overpayment refund kind of thing? Or equity? Or… ???

    • bookmole says:

      Sort of like an overpayment – We were paying into a fund to pay off the mortgage after 25 years, rather than chipping away at the capital sum owed.

      We were worried that the endowment wasn’t going to pay enough, leaving a shortfall (wanking bankers and subprime lenders, you had us worried) but by not dropping the payments when the interest rates fell, that didn’t happen.

      Originally, we were supposed to get about 30,000 after the mortgage expired. So we lost out, but not as badly as we could have done, if we were younger and had more mortgage left.

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