New Year’s Eve was Banging

I think I’m sober now, after what turned out to be the most drunken New Year’s Eve party ever.

Daughter invited friends over, worried for half a day that we hadn’t got enough alcohol or food, then that no one would come, then that her drunken mad friends who just decided, on the spur of the bottle, to come over, would prove to much for us. Not so. We had riotous fun, drink only got spilled on the kitchen floor, which is washable. Heidi got a lot of garden time, and I have not laughed so much in my life!

Come the morning, I woke up starving and not hung-over. Result! I had toast and more toast, and waiting for someone else to get up to make me a cuppa. I just could not handle a kettle! Then I got to watch three still-drunk people cook a chorizo / bacon / potato thing for breakfast. And fry eggs.

Husband slept till 1.30 and Daughter has just finished washing up all the glasses in the house. We decided that next party we have, plastic throwaway glasses are going to be used. Sorry. But sometimes you just have to choose.

Left over party food for dinner – chicken wings, olives, and coleslaw will feature heavily, as we have finished all the bacon and eggs.

Work tomorrow. NOT looking forward to that!

So, how went all your New Year’s Eves?


You know it was a good party when there is not a clean glass left in the whole house.


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3 Responses to New Year’s Eve was Banging

  1. lauowolf says:

    That looks lovely.

  2. leendadll says:

    i no longer feel bad for not partying – your group covered it for everyone!
    i achieved my 2012/2013 crossover goal – wear the same pjs from Mon evening until I get up for work tomorrow. Yay me!!

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