What are you doing for Christmas?

This year Husband and I are going away to Gran Canaria, from  21 December to 28 December. Last year’s Christmas was crap – I was having chemo, and my three boys and one husband were not helpful. Poor Daughter ended up doing the majority herself, and I decided then that we would not go through that again. Thankfully, she has an invite to a family friend’s Xmas lunch, should they do the same again, so that’s covered. And those boys can eat baked beans on toast for all I care!

So it is off to Gran Canaria for us.

Still wondering what the present protocol is going to be…


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  1. leendadll says:

    Have a great time – you deserve it!!

    • bookmole says:

      I intend to do nothing but relax and drink whatever the local cheap but tasty alcoholic beverage might be. Oh, I may do a little sightseeing, but mostly I want to get warm. It is a bloody cold winter so far this year – I need to soak up some sun!

      • leendadll says:

        I keep wanting to get away to take a looooong bath and sleep in a comfy bed – but it seems stupid to pay to do either of those so I don’t.

        I hope you have a GLORIOUS and RELAXING time!!

      • Redscylla says:

        Oh lord yes. Go and soak up all those balmy breezes and sunbeams. Something to keep the cold out of your bones as the winter progresses.

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