Good Ideas Sometimes Need Work…

Saw these on Pinterest, and thought they looked delicious. There are the words Jelly Shot in the title, and I can see cake and chocolate. So I clicked the pin.

Liquor… it’s not just for gelatin anymore!  With Eat Your Drink™, the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen team is poised to take aim at all the major dessert categories – cake, ice cream, mousse – infusing them with “spirited” fun and frolic! The possibilities are endless!  (You can click on the Eat Your Drink™ section on the right for ready access to these posts.)

We hope you love our opening offering: a mini Boston Cream Pie, with moist delicious yellow cake, vodka-infused filling and a big spoonful of ganache* on top!

OK. It’s a bit “excited!”, but look! It’s their first one!

Keep scanning down. Ingredients.

Cake – 1 yellow cake mix made up as per instructions.
Granache – Cream and a bag of dark chocolate chips
Filling – Box vanilla pudding mix, gelatin, cream and vanilla vodka (finally, an ingredient I can really get behind!)

Look, I know there are people out there who don’t know how to cook. They can’t make a cake, or a pudding, or roast a dinner. But the rest of us, we like the real thing. PLUS, you know, there are acceptable limits for insect parts and animal hair in processed foods, and if that doesn’t put you off using them*, nothing will.

I am still going to make this. I can make a Victoria Sponge, and buy some decent chocolate solids for the ganache. Only I need to know, my American friends, what is Vanilla Pudding mix?

And when I make it, I don’t think I will cut the cake into those delicate little rounds, even though they look gorgeous. I shall make diamonds or squares. Why make cake just to waste some? (yes, I know I could just eat it, but it’s wasted in that it is not making a Boozy Boston Cream Pie)

*ganache – it’s good to see they know the right words to use
*I know I have to eat some processed foods. I do not make my own bread, or yoghurt, or milk my own cow. So I really do limit the amount of stuff that I buy that I can do myself.

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5 Responses to Good Ideas Sometimes Need Work…

  1. paulapacesetter says:

    Reblogged this on PaulaPaceSetter and commented:
    If you’re like me, you saw these little cuties and melted. 😉

  2. sani panini says:

    They look good!

  3. leendadll says:

    Yaay… but just drinking the booze is so much faster, with less cleanup.

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