Classic Albums – How Long Ago?!

With reference to the recent QotD – what album/s do you have that you thing “Whoa – how many years” when you realise how old it is?

For me it’s Jagged Little Pill – has it really been 11 17 years since we first heard this?*

I mean, I know Dark Side of the Moon is old, so when I realise it was released in 1973 (and I bought it new, goddam it!) it seems right.  But it feels as though it was only last year that the lyrics from almost every song on Jagged wove themselves into my brain and I was playing the CD two or three times every days for months.

And the damning thing is, I just went to check the release date. And I saw 1995. And I thought, Hey that’s not that … oh. Yes it is!


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3 Responses to Classic Albums – How Long Ago?!

  1. lol I have several of those CDs …Beatles, Meatloaf, Cher's FIRST Cd, Every damn Pink Floyd Cd … it's nuts lol. A small protion of my CD collection could easily belong to my mother or father (mom is 53yrs old and dad is 49yrs old).

  2. Bookmole says:

    Gosh – so I am nearly as old as your mum (51). So you surely weren't buying these when they were released!

  3. I recently (well, in the last few years) rediscovered Jagged Little Pill when going through my CD collection and ripping them onto iTunes. I was in high school when it came out so I just liked the songs, but now I listen to it all the time and think, "Yes, that's sooo true!" Especially "You Learn." It's much more meaningful at 27 than it was at 16.

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