Chemo Session #3

It is odd, watching the two huge syringes full of red liquid that later turns my wee red getting slowly injected into my port. A genius, that Rommel. I will get pictures next time.

Head hair is now almost totally gone. I got a buzzcut (grade 2) when it started falling out, as I really hated waking up with hair in my mouth! So now I have some short hairs, and some really short hair where it appears to be growing back. I was looking forward to bald, instead I have soft and fuzzy.

Losing the pubes was odd. And I have smooth armpits and legs for the first time ever in my life! I am not a hairy person – genetics have blessed me with not much body hair – so I have never, in my life, shaved. I bleach my leg hair in winter, so they don’t show under tights so badly – at least I did, when I wore tights! – and, having nicely shaped non-bushy eyebrows, watching my mother cry while she plucked hers saved me from a life of eyebrow plucking servitude. OK, now I realise it was just her eyes watering from the pain, but really, does it matter? Why, when I have been lucky enough not to need to, should I do that to myself!

I really should have not said I was not getting side effects. Now I feel nauseous and can’t find my Drug Sheet. Waiting for Daughter to come home – she put all the details in a spread sheet. I know I only have three days worth of drugs, but it’s the When and Which I am having trouble with.

Going to Declutter the Bedroom this weekend – rather, Husband is going to shall take photos of the before and after.

Christmas Dinner is now sorted planned. Pheasant breasts, braised/casseroled in some form of alcohol, bacon-wrapped sausage wheels, caulflower & broccolli cheese (shit, how do you spell brocolli!), carrot & swede mash and I am trying for Roast Parsnips. plus wine-cooked pears with cream, mince pies and no pudding or cake. Going to order the pheasant from our christmas butcher later today.



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4 Responses to Chemo Session #3

  1. lauowolf says:

    When I was in the hospital in August I was fascinated by the IV drip.

    Have you organized the troops to step in for Christmas dinner if you end up preferring to recline somewhat?

  2. bookmole says:


    Ordering from butcher will take place tomorrow, or Monday after work.
    Daughter is cooking the pheasant, Daughter and I are prepping veg on Xmas Eve, cos I can do that sitting down.
    Eldest Son is doing the gravy and Sausage Wheels.
    Middle Son is doing all the table prep.
    Youngest is being Slave Hands.
    Husband is cooking the Christmas Gammon. Yummmmm!
    I am drinking Champagne cocktails.

    Sorted, I think.

  3. leendadll says:

    Red liquid? One of the best IV drugs I ever got (something like “talon”) was red liquid. Best I’ve felt in my entire life. I was later told it was a major narcotic.

    I forgot that ALL hair falls out. Boy, I wouldn’t mind a lack of body hair for a bit!

    Glad you seem to be keeping in bright spirits. And I hope your daughter showed up with your drug schedule.

  4. Redscylla says:

    I am still laughing at Dr. Rommel, but the red pee sounds freakish as hell. Sounds like you’re countering any loss of appetite with a delish Christmas dinner. Yummy!

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